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Your Gentle Whisper

You whisper gently to me
Words of guidance
Comfort and peace
Your loving voice quiets
My anxious thoughts

Your words are like a symphony

Soothing, calm
A lovely sound
Which fills my mind
With wonder and joy

Your voice is full of power

Like the mighty ocean
A single word
Can cause the mountains
To awaken and stir

And though other voices

Telling pretty lies
Compete for my attention
I will shut out their noise
And hear your gentle whisper

I Will Prevail

Walls close in around me
Iím trapped within my doubts and fears
The lights grow dim; I cannot see
Yet I will prevail

Truth is lost within the lies Friends once trusted now betray

Their thoughtless words leave tearstained eyes
Yet I will prevail

Tossed upon the stormy waves

My desperate cries are heard by none
Iím scared Iíll drown and not be saved
Yet I will prevail

Everything has changed now

What seemed foreverís at an end
I must move on but donít know how
Yet I will prevail

Friendships grow and start to fade

Though in my heart theyíll never die
These sad goodbyes pierce like a blade
Yet I will prevail

Questions racing through my mind

Oh Lord, where do I go from here?
Your path I fear I will not find
Yet I will prevail

Stumbling on lifeís bumpy road

Where twists and turns confuse the way
Iím weary now, my footsteps slowed
Yet I will prevail

Broken hearts will one day heal

A lesson only learned in time
Right now the hurt is all I feel
Yet I will prevail

And with the Lord to guide me

To hold me in His loving arms
My heart will sing and be set free
With Him I will prevail

Throw Me To the Lions

All my life I feared, Oh Lord I feared that if I was different
If I was to let Your light shine through me
If I was to show Your love
Then the world would throw me to the lions
They'd mock me for my faith in You
And throw me to the lions

I've had this fear throughout my life

So I've always kept Your love hidden
I feared that if I let it show
They'd throw me to the lions
So I've kept my love hidden

But suddenly I saw the truth

Which you revealed to me within my heart
By not allowing Your truth to shine
I was already in the lions' deadly grasp
The lions already had me
And I was struggling to escape

You see, Oh Lord The lions are the world that I so feared

By allowing the world to frighten me
My faith in You was slowly dying
The lions that I had so feared
Were already killing me inside

But Lord, You closed the lions' mouths By opening my eyes to the truth

Only by my showing the world Your love
Was I out of the lions' grasp
They could not harm me with You, Lord, standing by my side
Though they roar and grit their teeth
They cannot harm me
For You are by my side

The Light

Sometimes I feel so lost, Dear Lord
And cannot find my way
The walls close in around me
All I can do is pray

And through those prayers and with Your voice

You'll guide me to the light
So I can see the path of hope
Shining true and bright


Your blessings, Lord, surround me
So many I can see
Beneath the surface even more
Enwrap and comfort me

I'm blessed with friends like sunshine

Who warm my heart and soul
Your glory, Lord, shines through their eyes
And fills the deepest hole