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JUNON August 2004

Summer homework was completed within three days
--Does everyone like summer?

Ryohei: For me, it's my second favorite is still spring!

Keita: Eh, I like spring, then autumn, summer is my third.

Ryuichi: I like autumn the most, then summer, spring, then winter, that's my order of preferences.

Keita: No one likes summer the most huh.

Ryuichi: I like summer, but in autumn, the food's good, and as the season changes the leaves turn red. It's even more fun than summer.

Ryohei: Simply, summer is hot. (laughs)

Keita: But, isn't the heat better than the cold?

Ryohei and Ryuichi: Yes yes!

Ryuichi: How is summer in Fukuoka?

Keita: Summer in Tokyo is very different from summer in Fukuoka, as it's so sticky and humid. But, in Fukuoka, even when it's hot, the weather is dry. Summer in Hokkaido is dry as well, right?

Ryohei: Yup. It was slightly breezy too.

Ryuichi: And, summer holiday was rather short as well. Instead, winter holiday was long.

Keita: So that's how it was. Summer holiday in Kyushu and Tokyo was the same, 40 days long.

Ryohei: Hey, did you not HATE summer homework?

Ryuichi: I was more serious about doing my school project. (Like, in Japanese school they get to choose what project they want to do...and it's usually stuff like collecting bugs O_o)

Keita: I'd do all my homework on the first three days of holiday, so I could spend the rest of the holiday playing around.

Ryuichi: I did the exact opposite to you, Keita! I only did my work on the last three days of the holiday. (laughs) And when doing the 'What did you do that day' homework, I needed to write what the weather was daily. For that, I just wrote anything. Even if it rained I wrote 'fine day'.

Keita: As I did my homework on the first three days, I just made up the weather reports.

Ryohei: You're so great; you finished your plans for the future already! (laughs)

Keita: Also, I forgot which year I was in, but every morning of that year I had to listen to the radio and do fitness (that's what they do in Japan, the radio blares out commands and you just follow what it tells you to do). But if you went you got snacks, so I went.

Ryuichi: My family and I also did that every morning. We got snacks too, and we'd eat it as we went back home.

Keita: For going to the fitness you'd get a stamp card to collect stamps every time. Then you'd wear that card around your neck like a medal.

Ryohei: We had that too.

Keita: It's the same for everywhere eh.

Ryuichi: But, when I went I'd get a lot of stamps at a time so it would look like I went everyday. (laughs)

Ryohei: Back at home, I'd ask my sister, 'Can you get my card stamped as well please?' as I handed her my card over. Hey, the radio had two types of fitness for us to do...number 1 and number 2. Didn't you find number 2's embarrassing? (Apparently, you spread your legs wide apart as you stand, and then you pull your fists down so that you look like you're constipated or something lol)

Keita: VERY embarrassing. I also went to the pool everyday. There was a stamp card for that as well.

Ryohei: Wow, you also went to the pool everyday? After I graduated from elementary school did they only get a pool made. That's why I have no experience. (No wonder why he can't swim. -cuddles Ryohei protectively-)

Ryuichi: That was the same for me. So in junior high I often envied them. (laughs)

Tell me your love story as the sparkler burns. (Like, stick firework thing)
--Tell me, when do you feel summer is here?

Ryuichi: When you hear the cicadas!

Keita: When you see the fireworks!

Ryuichi: Speaking of fireworks, there was a fireworks campaign in Okinawa and Nagasaki before. We went to watch fireworks.

Keita: It was beautiful. Also, when we went out somewhere we'd bring fireworks.

Ryohei: There was also a type of huge firework that cost 1000yen that we sometimes played with.

Keita: When we were in Nagasaki, wefd play with sparklers. During they burned wefd confess and tell each other our love stories.

Ryuichi: It's great, but when the top burns out and falls off the story would end. It would be the next person's turn to tell.

Ryohei: Speaking of this, we've never been to see fireworks in Tokyo.

Ryuichi: Nor have we ever gone to Tokyo's summer festivals, have we?

Keita: No, we've gone once. During our first summer in Tokyo, we went. But it was small. Besides stalls, there wasn't anything special.

Ryohei: And also, there were scary people. (laughs) (He means the shopkeepers)

Keita: But I love festivals. My favorite one was in my elementary school's field. At night, the stalls sold frankfurts, curry rice, and also fried noodles. I'd meet up with my friends from other schools. Some stalls were being run by my friend's father and he would give me stuff for free. It was fun. Also, there were traditional games.

Ryohei: Seems like a real festival to me. When I was in elementary school, I'd play soccer and baseball in the carpark every day of the summer. (laughs)

Ryuichi: I did that too!

Keita: Speaking of soccer, Ryuichi, you broke your hand playing soccer in summer didn't you?

Ryuichi: Yes. I was in the third year of secondary school when it happened. Just before our debut, and we had to go to Tokyo. (laughs)

Keita: At the time, you suddenly called me. I was already in Tokyo.

Ryuichi: Uh huh. I still remember the situation till now. My left hand was broken, so I was kind of lying down while talking on the phone (now I don't get this). Then Keita said, 'Ryohei is coming to Tokyo only after graduation so no need to hurry, get well first and then come over.' (laughs)

Sleeping in denim in summer, what a nightmare
--In summer, what do you wear to sleep?

Ryuichi: A t-shirt and sweatpants. Recently I bought a jinbei (looks rather like a yukata, but more of shirt-size, along with shorts), which is also really comfortable as well.

Ryohei: I wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to sleep as well.

Keita: Same here. But I wear a sleeveless shirt instead.

Ryuichi: And, I can't sleep wearing denim clothes, or naked. (laughs)

Keita: Definitely, denim is uncomfortable.

Ryuichi: When I used to go to my friend's house to play, sometimes I'd suddenly be asked to stay over. At that time I'd only have jeans to wear along with my t-shirt, what a nightmare.

Ryohei: You'll get all sticky!

Keita: Uhm, I slept in jeans last night. When I woke up, I felt like I had hardly slept at all.

Ryuichi: As well as that, sleeping with the light on is not good.

Keita: I also slept with the light on last night. I did everything bad! (laughs)

Ryohei: If there's light, you can't sleep well. And even if the TV's on you can't.

Ryuichi: Recently, I wanted to buy an eyemask and earplugs.

Ryohei: You could use a headband instead. I do that.

Ryuichi: Light still passes through a headband. I don't like it.

Keita: Wearing eyemasks and earplugs...I don't like any of those options. Too uncomfortable and hot, especially in the summer.

--You three, during the summer, do you lose your appetites?

Ryohei: I'm totally fine.

Keita: I'm fine too, in summer, I have a huge appetite.

Ryuichi: You two eat a LOT don't you. I lose my appetite. I don't want to eat anything when it gets hot, so I become really skinny. I only eat snacks and cold food instead of normal meals, and that's all I feel like eating.

Ryohei: I understand it when people eat yogurt, jelly or icecream in the summer, and that people enjoy cold food at the time, but why would you want to eat cold noodles? I don't like it too much. Rice and side dishes, all year long, that's what I'd like.

Keita: I'm alright with it. In the summer I even want to have hotpot. (laughs)

Ryohei: Hotpot!? I'm fine with it.

Ryuichi: Eh? Hotpot and roast beef, no thanks.

Ryohei: What? I always eat beef. (laughs) Especially during dinner. If I don't eat rice and beef it won't seem like I even ate a meal.

Keita: I eat lightly during breakfast and lunch, but during dinner I must eat a lot.

Ryohei: Yesyes! I love white rice!

Keita: I love white rice too, but recently I heard brown rice is better for you, so I try to eat it. But it's hard to cook.

Ryuichi: And, with white rice, mixing it with barley is delicious! (O__o) Then with the barley rice I'd mix in beef stew, it's the best!

Keita: Oh.

Ryuichi: I really can't eat too much in summer, I lose my appetite. Then I get tired. It's like a summer disease (or however you choose to describe 'natsuhate').

Ryohei: About this summer illness, how is it?

Keita: Don't you get tired in winter too?

Ryuichi: You lose your appetite, and you get very tired. You don't know about this summer illness, oh how I envy you. (laughs)

Which one of you, out of the three of you, is the most popular?
--Speaking of summer, it's love! What kind of date would you like to have with your girlfriend?

Keita: I've never gone on a date.

Ryohei: Lonely eh? (laughs)

Ryuichi: What a thing to say, Ryohei. Before, in Hokkaido, you were the most popular weren't you?

Ryohei: That's not true. 'You were the most popular' is what you said yourself, right, Ryuichi?

Ryuichi: Hahaha, that isn't correct. (laughs)

Keita: Hey, when you're confessing to a girl that you like her, you have to be very brave. I have no experience in that. But this summer I might pluck up the courage to...but's not good, no.

Ryohei: Same for me, saying 'I like you' to a girl...I haven't ever done that before.

Ryuichi: If there was a girl whom I liked, I wouldn't be too aggressive towards her.

--So, if you had a girlfriend, where would you want to go for a date?

Keita: To the fireworks event!

Ryohei: To the festival? What about you, Ryuichi?

Ryuichi: I think I'd like to go to the seaside, or to the mountains. And also, a trip to the hot springs (NONONO I SHALL NOT THINK SICK THOUGHTS XD) would be great. (laughs)

Keita: Hey, on a date, what would you like her to wear? What style of clothing?

Ryohei: Anything. As long as it's good for her. But no revealing clothes. (uhm, Ryokun? O___o)

Ryuichi: It's perfectly fine, it's cute! (uhm, Ryukun? O___o)

Keita: I can't stand it, but if we're going to a hotel, or to the hot springs or something, it's okay.

Ryohei: I don't want other guys to look at my girlfriend and find her attractive. But if it's someone else's girlfriend I don't mind. (laughs)

Ryuichi: If other guys think my girlfriend's cute, I'll be proud of her.

Keita: Uhhhh, no. I still don't like it. (laughs)

As summer comes the w-inds. songs that come to mind
--What music do you like to listen to in the summer?

Ryuichi: Fusion, yeah.

Ryohei: Anythihng that makes me feel good.

Keita: During summer nights I like listening to ballads, and upbeat songs. Something like 'Feel the Fate'.

Ryohei: That was released in July.

Ryuichi: And we had loads of events to do, throughout the nation. Everywhere we went was really hot.

Ryohei: Okinawa was the hottest eh.

Keita: Our '1st Photobook' had pictures of that event in Okinawa. Everyone was so tanned. (laughs)

Ryuichi: And when summer ends I think of 'Love is Message'.

--This time, these two songs will be in your best album, released on the 14th of July.

Ryuichi: The activities we have to do just seemed to have begun. And we just sold our best album! (laughs)

Keita: But, we had our debut in the year 2001, and this is only our fourth summer since then.

Ryohei/Ryuichi: Wow, so fast.

Ryuichi: This best album is more of a history digest of w-inds. with all the songs of our singles and few from our albums. It's mostly for fans who haven't listened to our songs before.

Keita: Yup, this time it's mostly just our singles.

--What are your plans for this summer?

Ryuichi: I want to have a girlfriend, but it's rather impossible for me to. (laughs) I'd like to go to Australia.

Ryohei: Ah, me too! I want to go see the koalas in Australia! (damn, wouldn't he be cuter than the koalas XD)

Ryuichi: But if we go to Australia in the summer, it's winter over there. Going to Australia during the New Year's would be better.

Ryohei: So that's how it is. But anyways, I'd like to go overseas.

Keita: For me, just Japan would be fine. I can just normally camp out, and maybe get my driver's license.

Ryuichi: And turns out...

Keita/Ryohei: We're going on a tour!