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Hello and welcome to 恋の物語! This is Sachie's (or Mariko's, if you're my real life friends) w-inds. fansite with them Junon translations. Look around and enjoy your stay.

Ryuichi says: 'Wazaaaaa.'

The 1st version of the site is 'Kirei da', layout scanned and edited in PSP8 by me, coded in notepad by me. No stealing or I will shoot you down. You will be pwned.

If you just stumbled on this site by chance and have absolutely no bloody idea what I'm rambling about, I suggest you go to the Intro and Bio pages.


22nd August 2004
Sorry for the lack of updates. Bio section done...and I STILL haven't done September's JUNON. -runs away from angered fans-

28th July 2004
I've always been a procrastinator at heart. But here we go, I've done August's JUNON, full translation. September's JUNON coming up...soon enough. New affiliate, Catalune! Yay Cataz -huggles-

25th July 2004
New affiliate, KaiKo! I luffles you Kai~!

20th July 2004
Blog is working now. Feel free to read. New affiliate up as well. C'mon people I need more affiliates yo!

16th July 2004
Site up and running! Woot.