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This unofficial fansite was created on the 16th of July, 2004 for a Middle Years Program Personal Project. Information about MYP can be found here. The aim of this website is to promote information of the said idol purely for the sake of the fans and, if possible, any business companies interested in using the idol for advertising uses.

Meaning, this is a non-profit, fan-powered site. I am in no way related to w-inds. (...maybe someday, who knows) so please do not email me asking for their contact details.

w-inds. (c) PonyCanyon.
恋の物語 (c) Mariko Abe. Do not take anything from this site without permission unless otherwise stated, or Ryohei will be on your ass...oh yes he will.

He glares to show he means it. (lol)

Site map
Main - this be the main page, where I'll put news of updates, etc.
Introduction - you are here right now.
Biography - a brief history of the Jpop boyband w-inds.
Translations - here you will find translations of JUNON w-inds. articles.
Blog - my miserable life's ramblings, 'Petite Mephisto'.
Links - links to other sites.