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w-inds. are a Japanese boyband, made up of three members; Keita Tachibana as the vocals, Ryohei Chiba and Ryuichi Ogata as the dancers, rap and chorus vocals. The name of the boyband is 'w-inds.' in an attempt to unite Ryohei and Ryuichi, from Hokkaido (north of Japan), with Keita, from Fukuoka (south of Japan). For their full, accurate, detailed biography, go to, their official site, and click 'Profile'. But it's in Japanese.

Ryohei Chiba
Blood type: B
Keita Tachibana
Blood type: ?
Ryuichi Ogata
Blood type: O

Their debut appearance was on the 14th of March, 2001. Since then w-inds. have been doing nothing but improving on their performance, and they're getting more famous than ever! Below is a brief overview of their releases, achievements, activities etc.

YAY. GO w-inds.

2001 - the first year
14/9 Debut single 'Forever Memories' released.
4/7 2nd single 'Feel the Fate' released.
17/10 3rd single 'Paradox' released.
19/12 1st album '1st Message' released.

(Along with other small concert events within Japan, one during their debut and one during 'Feel the Fate'. They also managed to win the 43rd Japan Records 'Newest band' award.)

2002 - the second year
6/2 'Private of w-inds.' DVD released. (documentary of w-inds.)
20/2 4th single 'try your emotion' released.
20/3 'w-inds. WORKS vol.1' DVD released. (collection of PVs)
22/5 5th single 'Another Days' released.
21/8 6th single 'Because of you' released.
17/10 'w-inds.~1st Message~ tour 2002' DVD released.
13/11 7th single 'NEW PARADISE' released.
18/12 2nd album 'THE SYSTEM OF ALIVE' released.

(They had a national tour, ~1st message~ tour 2002, during the summer, and they performed 'NEW PARADISE' during Xmas at Kouhaku. They also managed to win the 39th Golden Arrow 'Newest band' award, the 16th Gold Disc 'New artist of the Year' award, and the 44th Japan Records Gold award for 'NEW PARADISE'.)

2003 - the third year
23/4 'w-inds. WORKS vol.2' DVD released.
21/5 8th single 'SUPER LOVER~I need you tonight~' released.
20/8 9th single 'Love is Message' released.
29/10 10th single 'Long Road' released.
6/11 'w-inds.~THE SYSTEM OF ALIVE~ tour 2003' DVD released.
17/12 3rd album 'PRIME OF LIFE' released.
23/12 Xmas event in Yokohama.

(They had another national tour, ~THE SYSTEM OF ALIVE~ tour 2003, during the summer, and they performed 'Long Road' during Xmas at Kouhaku. They won the 45th Japan Records Gold award for 'Long Road'.)

2004 - the fourth year
10/3 11th single 'Pieces' released.
21/4 'w-inds. WORKS vol.3' released.
2/6 12th single 'Kirei da' released.
14/7 Best album 'w-inds.~bestracks~' released.
6/10 13th single 'Shiki' released.
15/12 'w-inds.~PRIME OF LIFE~ tour 2004' DVD released.

(They had another national tour, ~PRIME OF LIFE~ tour 2004' during the summer. They won the 46th Japan Records Gold award for 'Shiki'.)