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Mabuhay! Welcome to my Philippines page *S*


Philippines consists of approx 7,107 islands with only 2000 of those
islands being inhabited. These islands are divided into three
main island groups consisting of Luzon in the north, Visaya
and Mindanao in the south. It has a generally warm, tropical climate with
many beautiful beaches particularly in the Southern regions.

The predominant religion in Philippines is Catholic although Islam
is also practiced, particularly in the region of Mindanao. The country
also retains approximately over 60 different dialects although the main language
spoken is Tagalog.


The culture of the Philippines is also widely diverse due to external
Religious and social influences which have occurred over the years. One may also find
that some regions, besides retaining their own language, also posses a distinct culture.
Generally speaking, you may find a mixture of Native Filipino, Spanish and Moslem
influences which together make up the islands and the people of the Philippines.