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~One in a Million~


Whisper to me softly
Tell me something I don't know
Take my hand, come dance with me
Let the emotion flow
Touch me with the wispy feel
Of velvet clouds in light
Kiss me once to show it's real
This sense of sheer delight


Tilt your head back gently
As the soul within me cries -
As I sink into the mystery
Of heaven in your eyes
Dance across my dreams this night
In silver shades of blue
Spread your wings in angel flight
For God knows I love you


And every touch and every tear
Every moment we share,
I'll always hold priceless and dear
As an answer to a prayer
Lying here next to your silk soft skin,
Falling to your heart beating
I hold time ever crystalline
To a feeling ne'er fleeting....


As against all odds, against all fates
We've somehow found each other
As the morning sweetness emanates
Our love for one another
As I watch you open your eyes,
And am taken by the gleaming....
As I kiss your lips and realize,
That even wide awake I'm dreaming


Copyright Michael Anderson

"All out of Love"
Air Supply