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~Merry Christmas Mom~

Christmas again, and another year passed,
Moments of joy and sorrow, memories amassed
All one year older with new lessons learned
Some simply perceived, some painfully earned.


I wish that you are happy this season,
And forgive me my sins, tantrums and spite
Said in anger without truth or reason -
Past words I repent with strength and might.


And for the best mother on this earth
Whose patience, love and unending mirth -
Has helped and guided me throughout the year -
I wish health, love and happines to one so dear.

I pray God bless you and make your load light
Ease your burdens and make good all in sight
Warm your smile, fill the house with your laughter
Please accept these wishes to you,

With love from your daughter

(c) 2001 Mary Ann O.
All rights reserved.

"Silent Night"
Jim Brickman