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Kamusta! Welcome to my site *S*

If you ended up here, I guess you're wanting
to know a little about the person behind this site huh....

How to start???? *S*

As you may know by now, my name is Mary Ann
(aka Enchanted Melody). I'm 22 years old and am
currently undergoing studies for my
second degree in Commerce/Accounting

My site contains alot of my favourite
music, poetry, and artwork. As you'll probably see if
you go through my site, I love nature,
particularly the water *S*

I started to get into writing a couple
of years ago although not poetry in the strictest
sense of the word, because the day I grasp the concept of
the iambic pentameter and all other "-meters" is the
day I get crowned queen of three countries j/k.
I basically like to write to express
what I am feeling or thinking at a particular time

My favourite poets are Christina Rossetti,
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Byron,
and the poet I admire the most is the Filipino
philosopher and patriot Dr. Jose Rizal.

I like to play the piano and also love
music from all genres, though my
favourites include Lifehouse, U2, Natalie
Bartholomeusz, Jim Brickman, Creed, Regine
Velasquez, Donna Cruz and Chopin.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and if you
have any queries, please feel free to ask.

I have also, to the best of my knowledge, credited
all other works that I have used in my site
and used copyrighted art, graphics etc subject
to the owners' permission. If you by chance find
any which are not properly credited, just email me
with the details and I'll fix it up ASAP *S*

God bless and best wishes! *S*

Thank you Victoria for the lovely signature gift! *S*