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For a time we walked together,
though we'd not seen the other's face.
Our hands and hearts came together,
spanning distance, time and age.

I had hoped this would be forever,
that the test we faced would be the last.
Yet, a new test came with dawn's first light.
Leaving me here without you.

I am learning once again to stand alone,
though you've not once left my mind.
In my dreams you still stand beside me,
and I remember why my heart belongs to you.

I know that others think I stand alone,
that you have left me ne'r to return.
Though I stand here without you,
but you've not once left my mind.

Though distance spans great between us,
I know you think of me as oft' I do of you.
When times of quiet comes, I'll find you in my dreams.
and we'll walk together once again.

To Milady Skylar, never forget what has been said before. They are not just words, but the truth. I waited once for ye and I shall wait again as long as its needed.

The poem is based on the song "Here without You" by 3 Doors Down. If you enjoy the song, please purchase the album so that the artist gets due credit for his work.