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If I could but part the heavens, I'd be beside you.
If time were of no importance, we'd never be apart.
But alas I am must heed to distance and time
as I am the master of neither.
I stand, wishing you were here.
Longing to see you, to hear you voice.
Wondering if you are the one I've waited for.
Knowing that I can do no more,
than wish you were here beside me.
May the day of our meeting come swiftly.
I long for the day that wishing doth end,
so that you may stand beside me,
wherever that may be.
Righ Arialies Tal'Mithesian

© Phoenix Rise. No part of this poem may be used without express written permission. Phoenix Rise is non-profit; "Wishing You Were Here" by Chicago, is used soley to enhance the affect of the poem.