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Manchuria Records, a Great Place to work!


The Ninja! Well, that's me! The Invisible one. Chamillion invisable Assassin not (Chameleon Invisible Assassin) AKA Phantom matlon. I am a solo artist from Bridgeport Connecticut, I began rapping in 1991 at the age of 9 years old. I am currently 22 and am still rapping, I have to prepare my tax forms, as well as other forms before I can truly call Manchuria Records official. But I have some of the legal documents in my possession at this time, and will be acquiring the rest, hopefully by Holloween 2004 I will have the first single out with the label completely legal! I produce myself, I write, and I plan to distribute the music myself at first. I would like to sign a distribution deal with a major distributor in the future, such as Interscope, or Universal. I can be contacted at

If you click below on the record label symbol (the black m's) they will take you to my fan club, and also my online diary or blog. I don't usually promote the fan club, I am worried about getting these legal things and the music together, I will promote more once I have product to promote.

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