We Do Not Understand
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The Lord Sees All

The Lord looks down and what does He see
A world being tortured, ripped apart, people trying to flee

Their minds tormented filled in despair
Hearts crying out for someone to care

They reach out for a helping hand
Won't anyone listen and try to understand

Their not sure of which way to go
Their mind filled will torment, I've been there, I know

Feeling alone in all the chaos and confusion
Not seeing God's people they come to a conclusion

Where is God they want to know
Who Is this Jesus I've heard much about months ago

God wants His people to show the world His love
The love who came down from heaven above

The One who came and gave His life for us all
Now the time is here to break down the wall

Break down the wall and invite Jesus in
He will accept you and wash away all sin

Please don't hesitate the time is near
Christ is returning the Bible is clear

Now that you've heard the cries in the streets
Reach out and touch them it is Jesus they long to meet

Karen A. Kotze