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When I'm Dead And Gone

When I'm dead and gone,
how will you remember me?
Will you just remember
all the bad I did?
Or can you remember
anything good?
I know I have lots of faults.
But, so do all of us.
Can you remember anything
good I ever did or said?
Did I care for you when
you were sick in bed?
Did I wash your clothes
and cook your food?
Did I ever hug you or kiss you
to cheer up your mood?
Didn't I give you money
when it was needed?
Now that I'm dead and gone,
what are you feeling?
Did I ever show you love?
Isn't that what mothers, sisters
and friends are for?
Did I teach you about the Lord,
and teach you right from wrong?
Did I treat my friends well
and teach you how not to go to hell?
Did I ever make you laugh?
Wasn't the laughter worth it all?
Did I ever say no to a favor asked?
Do you remember all of our past?
Did I drive the car
when you got drunk,
and saw you safely home?
Eventhough, I had my awful faults,
can you still remember anything good?
Did I take you here to live
when you had tears?
Or did I leave you
in the street?
How do you remember me?
I know you won't miss my bitching.
But, will you miss my cooking?
Would you choose me all
over again to be your Mom, your Sister
or to be your very best friend?
That is the question you
must ask yourself,
and if the answer's yes,
I have lived
my life really well.
I know I did my best.
Please don't talk bad about me
when I'm dead and gone.
For, I may be in heaven by then.
To your great surprise,
I may come back
to haunt you,
or just to say hello.
Or, come back just to
tell you that I
still love you so.

by Dorothy

Golly, what name are you gonna
write upon my Tombstone?

by Dottie alias ect, ect.