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Poor Deer

You Poor Deer
Listlessly grazing upon a tree
Standing with little
movement upon the grass.
But, alas! There is something
creeping up on you.
You are unaware of the evil
that is stalking you.
For since your youth
you were free.
Don't you deserve
Why won't they just
let you be?
The men are not
innocent like you.
For they prey upon
the weaker things you do.
Just looking for food
and shelter, to live
in peace is all you do.
What wrong have you done
to be killed?
The Good Book says
"Thou shalt not kill".
But, man doesn't think
the words are for you.
As you stand still,
unaware of what is
lurking behind a tree.
You fall to your knees,
with a loud blasting boom!
A gun-shot has ended you.
He doesn't want to eat you,
maybe for that we can forgive.
But, for his mighty pride,
to display you upon
his wall is all.
For you were beautiful,
mighty and strong.
as he was just
counting your horns.
Poor Deer,
now your life
is uselessly gone.
© by Dorothy Fontaine

All rights reserved