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Dan Crenshaw

I Opened My Eyes

I opened my eyes and saw
You were not there...
Where did you go?
When I stopped looking.
A vision of you did not exist
For you were not there
And as I try again to reach for you
I despair...for you are not there
I opened my eyes
And what I saw is what got away
All our dreams of yesterday
And so I wept this day away
Remembering again
What could have been
For you and me today
Only if I had known the reasons why?
Why we could not touch or see?
And why we never experienced...
Our destiny?
I opened my eyes
And realized
What we had was what we were
And should be shared by us forevermore
Not an easy thing for us to do
Something you and I should do
And that's...knowing me and you
We are something that needs attention too.
I opened my eyes today once more
And I saw you!
Realizing that you are a part of me too
And knowing now you opened my eyes.
So I could see you

"For Dottie...whose inspiration woke up again the writer in me and got the juices and tears flowing again..."

Written by: Dan Crenshaw
July 23, 2000
Song Playing: Through the Eyes of Love

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