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My Hope

I wish to find someone new
to overcome the gloom
but, my fate is in
Someone Else's Hands,
My destiny I do not know.
I still have some
glimmer of hope hiding
within the dark shadows
that over-power me.
For God is not sleeping
and sees all my fears
and tales of woe.
I must return to Him
if I am to ever win,
this game of life.
I place myself within Him
and pray to
find a better life.
if God wishes to bless me
I pray that there
will be another Knight
in my life to brighten
my days and nights.
They say to mend a broken heart
just find another
to kiss your lips
and hold you tight.
I don't choose to do the
choosing, for fear of losing.
I place my destiny
into God's hands
and hope He forgives
my sins enough to
bless me with true love
Then my broken heart
can heal as I
wait upon Him
to send that romantic
Knight into my life.
by Dottie Fontaine