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Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and feel me near
As I whisper love songs into your ear
Reach out to me with your slender hand
As moonlit waves meet the golden sand
Feel ocean breeze brush through your hair
A feather touch on skin so fair
And then as soft a touch from me
Bringing you a warmth by the silver sea
...a golden sigh...
...a kiss goodbye...
I lean and kiss your perfumed skin.
Remembering how our love began.
-- John Wooten

Have You Ever

Have you ever walked
down by the sea
To watch the tide roll in?
Or heard a new born baby's cry
Just as it's life began?
Have you ever walked at evening
When the air is crisp with fall,
And listened just a twilight
To the wood lands lonely call?
Have you ever been in love, my dear
With just that certain guy?
For you must love
And be loved , my dear
Or else life's passed you by.
-- John Wooten

Heart To Heart

Four eyes glowing
in the moon light
Murmuring words of love
Arms embrace each other
As the moon shines on above
Reaching for the sky above
Standing on the earth below
The stars wink down upon us
As we watch the ebb-tide flow
Time becomes meaningless
Except when we're apart
Dreams and thoughts
are all that matters
When we speak
heart to heart
-- John Wooten

John Wooten invites
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Artwork courtesy of
and copyright by
Daniel B. Holeman,
who invites you to visit his
Visionary Art Gallery website