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If some day soon the words stop coming
Like they are coming now,
Do not fear and weep for me
And wonder where I am somehow.

For I will be in a better land
Free from all my pain,
And I will never suffer heartaches
And will have a brand new name.

I may be going home soon, I'm not sure.
Jesus will set the time.
Then I'll leave this world behind me
And to my mansion I will climb.

I hope I will leave a memory of me
Or be a blessing in some way
That when you stop and think of me
You will smile throughout the day.

That's what I really want in this life
Not riches, glory or fame;
But to win a soul for Jesus' Kingdom
And believe upon His name.

So, if the words stop coming to you
Please do not weep for me.
Just notice all the butterflies
And know I am set free.

©Written by Ann Hart
Copyrighted November 2002
To God be all the glory
Forever and ever

Music playing is "Memory" composed (at the age of 13)
and played by Yuko Ohigashi. Used by permission.
Click below for permission to use on your site,
to hear more of her music, or for information on
how to order her CD's.

Music by Yuko Ohigashi



Graphics by Marsha's Graphics
Richard Thompson Gallery

Music playing is "Memory" written by teen composer Yuko Ohigashi.
Please visit her website and hear more of her work.

Yuko Ohigashi Website

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