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Lord, I want to thank you
For all you've given me.
And most of all for saving me
And letting my sins be free.

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I thank You for the stars above.
I thank You for Your gift of love.
I thank You for salvation's plan.
The gift You handed down to man.

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I thank You for my precious friends
That bless my life each day.
I'm so thankful Heavenly Father
For You sending them my way.

orange leaf

Father, I thank You for everthing;
Blessings both big and small,
And help me, Lord always remember
It was You who made it all.

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Written by Ann Hart
November 19, 2002
Copyrighted for the glory of God

I am blessed!


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Graphics by Marsha's Graphics Artwork by Donald Rust

Music playing is "By the Sea"
Copyright 2000 Bruce DeBoer
Used by permission