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Only Jesus Understands

Who is there to listen
When my pain I cannot bear?
Who is there to love me
And really show they care?

I wonder, will I make it through
This rattling storm of mine?
Or will I just wither away
In only a matter of time?

Dear Lord in Heaven, Hear my plea
Take this pain away
So I may learn to smile again
And brighten someone's day.

I have no one but You, dear Lord,
For only You can understand
So I am asking You, dear Father
Reach down and hold my hand.

Help me smile through all my tears
And be a witness just for You.
Oh, guide me, Gentle Saviour,
In Everything I do.

©Written by Ann Hart
Newfoundland, Canada
Copyrighted, Feb 13, 2002

To God be the glory!
I'm just a lamb that the shepherd left the fold for.



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