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God's Beautiful World

God built this earth with His own hand
And designed it with love, and a master plan.
He gave us the sun, the stars on high,
He gave us the moonlight in the sky.

He gave us the flowers, the birds that sing
He gave us the winter, the summer and spring.
God gave us the ocean, the beautiful sea
The raindrops that fall, and colorful trees.

God gave us love, to share all around
And a will to help others, lonely and down.
God gave us everything we have today
It's time to give back, in a special way.

So give of your love, and give of your time
Try to bless others, be faithful and kind
Share some compassion like God wants you to
Then all of life's blessings will come back to you.

October 12, 2001
Written by Ann Hart, Nfld, Canada


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