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Though the thunder roars above me
To tear this body down,
I will be a fighter for Jesus
As long as He keeps me around..........

I will never give up the battle
For He never gave up on me.
He went to a place called Calvary
To die there and set us free...

satan can have this flesh of mine
But he can never touch my soul,
For I have been sealed and delivered
And Jesus is now in control..........

Many times I almost surrendered
When the pain was too rough to bear
But I promised I would be a fighter
And banish away all the fear......

Will you be a fighter for Jesus
Though the storms may come every day
And plant the seeds of salvation
To the lost that pass by your way?

This copyrighted poem was
written by Ann Hart September 5, 2003,
inspired by Gary Cassady, nickname "Hilly"
Thank you for being there when I need to
get pulled from the drowning sea,
I thank God for putting you in my life.

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Music playing is "Mysterious, With Music Box", composed and played by 16-year-old Yuko Ohigashi. To hear more of her music or order CD's, visit her site and click on the MP3 page.

If you do go to her MP3 page
Please listen to each song ONLY ONCE
because money is deducted from her fund
for additional plays per day

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