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Zeus's Personality Traits

*Drifting away into heavy sleep our pathetic website maker smashes head into keyboard causing him to curse profusely*. Now that I have an ice pack on my head I can continue working at the wee hour of 1:00 A.M. What was this page on again...... Oh yeah Zeus's personality. HAHAHAHA. This wil be a good one, me coming up with a personality for a god. Better be careful not to insult him or he might fry my computer. Oke-Dokey back to the topic Zeus is a god who has many affairs with gods and mortals. His wife is not to happy about that. Hes a pretty nice guy and rewards those who please him and punishes those who don't. If you ever read Harry Potter (who hasn't) you know who Hagrid is. Zeus is like that except he carries around lightning bolts. For the idiots like me who bruse our head's on keyboards becuse we have no life...... say it out loud now 1...2.....3... USE THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER TO GET TO THE HOME PAGE!!!!!!!