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1 24 2002

so, i finally get off my ass and update! nothing new here, kiddies, just hanging around like usual.

oh, and if you never saw the old "diary" (i use that term loosely), Embracing Negativity, it has been discontinued. You can see it in it's finality here. Be sure to see the freshest of the fresh pessimistic writings from yours truly at the old address, different name.

coming soon- new layout(?) new bio.

12 06 2001

been a while, i s'pose.

been working on school stuff recently, i.e. this webpage for CPSC. dabbled in primitive java, very basic layout.

that's mister geek to you.

also, while fucking around with photoshop like always, out popped this little controversial gem (thanks to kevin for the idea)

* updated bio
why are you still here? hit-me-up stylee @ the counterpart

11 19 2001

There’s something spectacular about autumn.
The trees dropping their prized possessions, bare limbs exposed to the elements.
Death is in the air.
Crunching expired leaves under these soles. Brisk, cutting breeze.
I love to see mother nature rotting.

10 24 2001

ahh so the perils of yet another week and another month come to slap the ever-present user in the face again. nothing much going on here, being lazy and putting off this update for a few extra days. check these couple new ones, even though recumbent is already in the counterpart. so if you've already seen it, sorry.

10 15 2001

  another monday already?
another day of burned-out angst and desperation....but that's just me complaining. soon it's onward and upward - and hopefully no more predicaments of my mouth around a gun barrel.

what are you but my reflection?

i've got to cut the rope or let myself hang.

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