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    Shhh!!! This is Noizchild. Welcome to the library. This is a section for one of our
favorite bands: Gorillaz!!!!


9/26/15: I added chapter of chapter twenty-one.

3/2/14: I started volume three.

3/1/14: I finished volume two and added the previews for volume three.

9/25/13: I have added chapter nineteen.

9/24/13: I have finished chapter eighteen.

9/23/13: I have added part six to chapter eighteen.

9/22/13: I have added part five to chapter eighteen.

5/9/12: I have added part four to chapter eighteen.

5/8/12: I have added part three to chapter eighteen.

1/17/12: I have added part two to chapter eighteen.

1/16/12: I have started chapter eighteen.

1/15/12: I have added chapter seventeen.

1/14/12: I have added part two to chapter sixteen.

1/13/12: I have added a new chapter.

8/16/09: I have added the music, new chapter, chapter buttons, and a new title, fixed the pictures, and the back link, and colored the scroll bars.

8/1/08: I have added a new pic to 2-D's gallery.

2/1/07: I have added a video to the school paper.

12/16/06: I have added another pic to the group section.

11/30/06: I have added more music.

10/28/06: I have added more pictures.

10/14/06: I have added a video.

8/16/06: I have added more pictures and the group gallery.

8/15/06: I have added more pictures and music. And I fixed the links.

8/2/06: I have added the picture requests.

7/26/06: I have fixed up the section.

1/30/06: I have added Noodle and Russel's galleries.

1/7/06: I have fixed the broken links and added lyrics to the song "All Alone" from the cd, "Demon Days".

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