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Peru 2

view from the balcony
hotel Indio Dormido

paying one sol for picture
like a good gringo

llamas by the road

piles of stones
and a toilet hut

view of terraces
in Colca canyon

the 2nd deepest canyon
in the world!

an israeli friend - Orli

a condor flying
above the Colca

misterios de
cite d'or

San Pedro we smoked
kidding... another cactus

deformed skulls for prestige
and early brain surgery

gold icons with
an erection

the Plaza de Armas

the resting place
of a mummy

oh my it's him,
it's Clint Eastwood!

Inca fountains that
feed from a spring

i deserve some
rest too...

it's not gay pride flag
it's the Cuzco flag

this is saksaywaman
sounds like...

huge energy stone
with 11 facets

Shimshin Aleicha

overview of
the ruins

impressive church in
the Plaza de Armas

another impressive church
in the Plaza

with Australian friends
Jad and Melinda

salt panes in
the Salinas

Salt produced
in the Salinas

overview of...
you guessed right!

can you pass
the salt please?

you're suggesting that i
took too many photos?

ok but you got to
admit it's pretty

Cholas (traditional women)
in action

view from
another angle

we've got code 3!
(Yahav's code for Cholas)

as mad as a hatter...
only without mercury

yet another view of
the Salinas

beautiful ruins
in Allatantambo

i closed my eyes
for the deep meditation

this is what held
the Spanish back

i used to love
cactuses as a kid

amphitheatre like terraces
in Mayer(?)

a portal to a yard
with Inca glyphs

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