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"I'm not the sort of person
who falls, in and quickly out
of love. But to you I gave
my affection right from the start.

Olivia felt herself sighing in relief. She didn't lie, she was simply vague enough to let Casey think whatever she wanted. Had she not been caught so off guard by the Counsilor's tears, perhaps she would have noticed the line that was commonly used as a gaydar tactic. She was soon snapped into a whole new reality as she felt Casey's presence ever near. Olivia's breathing became unsteady and she forced herself to swollow when she took yet another step forward. Olivia felt her arms yearning to snake around the slender waist, a feeling that shocked her out of daydream. "Because somebody has to," slipped out of her mouth as if she had been following the conversation, hanging off every word. And she flew out of the bathroom, bewildered as to why she would need cold water in the first place.

Casey stumbled until she felt the backs of her knees bump the couch. She sank into the overstuffed cushions and laid back, arms flung carelessly overhead. Her mind could not let go of Olivia. Hoped weaved its way through her thoughts. She felt it the moment she saw Olivia's head snap up and those eyes scan her body. No boyfriend. She thought carefully. Like no boyfriend, or no boyfriend? Her lawyer sense noted how Olivia had danced around pronouns while she spoke, but maybe she was simply reading too much into it. Casey groaned and rubbed her eyes. Why Olivia? She wondered above all. She seemed so strong. The kind of woman you always feel safe around. Her mocha eyes held a hint of shadow. A secret she's been keeping from the squad. The mysteriousness only deepened her attraction. She yearned for the chance to see Olivia away from the stress. Out of work. Out of her clothes. Casey flopped onto her side pushing her face into the pillows. She wailed her frustration finally letting the words slip away. I just met the woman! was the only sentence she repeated to herself.

The case had been one for the records. They were right though, she was no cop. It wasn't her job to be tagging along. It just bothered her that she had to sit around and wait for evidence they might taint. She stood outside her office door for a moment, reflecting on herself. What was it that they all saw in her that made her the right one for the job? She knew she wasn't. She didn't want any part of it. And now she was trapt. She sighed and leaned her head on the door. He hardly let her explain herself. He didn't want to hear it. If she had been a decent lawyer, she could have made him. She could have delievered the kind of closing argument that sent people away for life. But she didn't. She ate her words and walked away quietly. She opened the door and kicked her shoes off. Her hands found the radio she had tucked away in the self, and she cranked the volume on Joni Mitchell singing "Blue". It was then she realized she wasn't alone. "Jesus Benson you scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry. I just didn't want to, ah, mess with your zen." She grinned her half smirk, searching Casey for some hint of emotion.

"What do you want?" Casey winced the moment those words left her mouth. "I didn't mean that the way it sounded, its just late and I'm a little..."

"That was amazing," Liv inturrupted.


"What you did today. Saving that little girl."

"I shouldn't have been there in the first place."

"Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't been." She stood, walking slowly towards Casey.

"It was still stupid of me. I'm going to stay behind the desk from now on." Casey's speech slowed slightly as Olivia neared her. She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them she met instantly with the mellow brown.

"Come on." Olivia held out her shoes. "Let me buy you a drink."

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