Once upon a dream...

:: Noise could be heard from the young assassin’s room. It had been a while since his memory seemed to return... but it haunted him, even though he knew more about himself than he ever wished he had. It was late, around 3 A.M., but someone heard Omi’s cries, someone heard his terrified voice. Someone heard the young one having a horrible nightmare, remembering that horrible incident. That someone was Aya.

Aya hadn’t been sleeping well at all, he’d gotten up more than once to get a drink, or a snack, anything that might put him to sleep. And there he lay, in his bed, when he heard desperate cries. Immediately he jolted up, dark eyes widening with a strange and sudden fear. It was dark, barely any light from the moon made it’s way into his room, and as he moved into the hallway he found it even darker. He knew the voice was Omi’s.::

“ No... No.... Dad! Please! Don’t let them kill me! Daaad!”

:: Alarmed, Aya flung open Omi’s bedroom door only to see the boy laying in bed, clinging to his pillow, rather twisted up in his covers. Quickly Aya made his way through the room, guided only by the light of the moon, to Omi’s side. He sat, quiet for a minute before he began tugging lightly at the pillow, which only worsened the cries, screams now. Omi was trembling, and Aya was shaking just a bit himself, out of fear something might be horribly wrong. He finally succeeded in moving the pillow from Omi’s grasp. Surprise took him over as Omi immediately grasped onto Aya’s waist, his lithe arms tight to the older one’s body. He grunted lightly, and just that soft sound sprung Omi into reality.

Blue eyes went wide as the young one found himself in bed, desperately clinging onto someone. But who was it? Those wide eyes fearfully turned to look up at Aya..? He gasped, and quickly let go, backing into the corner where his bed met his wall.::

“ Gomen, Aya.”

:: Aya quickly shook his head, just as embarrassed as Omi. There he was, in the younger one’s bed in nothing but a pair of silky black boxers, and Omi in flannel pajama pants. If the lighting hadn’t been so dim, they would have noticed the soft blushes upon each of their faces. After a strange silent moment, Aya leaned towards him a bit, cautiously reaching a pale hand out to rest it upon one of his slender thighs.::

“ It’s okay, Omi.... “

:: Omi’s eyes widened again, from both the touch and the.. nice... words from Aya’s mouth. Aya had always seemed so distant and cold to Omi.. was this another side? Or was this just another sick and twisted part of his nightmare? Aya couldn’t possibly know of the many nights Omi had laid in bed, thinking of the crimson headed one. Or how many times he’d sneaked a peek through the bathroom key-hole when Aya was bathing. Omi wasn’t nearly as innocent as he appeared. But this was just disturbing. It was all a nightmare..::

“ Just.. leave me alone..”

:: His voice was weak, it cracked in-between a few words. His blush could now be plainly seen by the older man, even in the darkness. Aya froze at the words. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? Quickly he removed his hand, resting it upon the bed. Though now he was confused. He leaned forward even more, but still a decent distance from the frightened boy.::

“ Omi...? Is everything okay?”

:: What was that? Concern? Omi quickly closed his eyes, his knees drawn close to his chest as he wrapped his arms around them burying his blushing little face. Just a nightmare. First he was having horrid memories of his kidnapping... and next it was Aya being human towards him. How much worse could it get?::

“ Get away from me Aya... Everyone just get away ...!”

:: Aya wasn’t quite sure what he’d done wrong, but he knew that if he didn’t do something right, this could end up messy. For one, one of the other guys could wake up and find them there like that. And they’d never live that down. But more seriously, someone could get very hurt... And it surprised Aya that he even thought about that. He was now just a tad bit afraid of his own feelings. Cautiously he reached forward again, his pale hand coming to stop upon Omi’s knees.::

“ Omi, please... Tell me what’s wrong?”

:: Silence greeted him, the only sound being soft sobs from the boy. He almost wanted to give it up and go back to bed. And in that thought, he pulled his hand away, a sigh passing his lips. Just as he stood, someone grasped his wrist tightly. He looked down, following the hand to find it attached to Omi. He gasped softly.::

“ How do I know you’re not one of them..?”

“ One of... ‘them’?” “ N-N....Never mind...”

:: Omi dropped the wrist, crumbling over to rest upon his pillow, the only comforting thing at the moment. Aya sighed, sitting down softly next to him again. Timidly he reached that same hand out, resting it upon Omi’s head, fingers buried in soft brown tresses. Omi froze again, his sobs stifled suddenly. Then he promptly jumped out of the touch, backing himself into the corner once more.::

“ Stop it!”

“ What?! Why are you acting like this, Omi?!”

“ Why are you acting like this, Aya?!” “ What do you mean...?”

:: Curiosity took Abyssinian over once more as he leaned towards Omi again, his head softly tilted to the side. Omi winced, closing his expressive eyes tightly, forcing crystalline tears to flow over their reservoirs.::

“ Y-you act... like you care... You don’t give a damn... Aya... You never did before...”

:: Aya’s eyes widened. Omi’s bitter words were laced with nothing but the truth. Aya was acting different. Just as he opened his mouth to protest, Omi added more.::

“ This is just a nightmare... Go away... So I can wake up...!”

“ Omi! You are awake... Now shut up and snap out of it...”

:: Omi shrunk against the wall at the words; Aya was back so it seemed, so far. Bombay nodded softly, closing his eyes once more. He began sobbing again, like a pathetic little child.::

“ That’s no way for an assassin to act.... knock it off...”

:: But Aya’s words didn’t hold that cold side to them that they always had. He sighed softly, closing his eyes for a moment before he reached out, grasping onto Omi’s upper arms. The boy’s eyes shot open in fear. Those hands felt like his kidnapper’s hands, cold, clammy...::

“ Let me go!”

:: He nearly screamed the words, only to find one of those hands covering his mouth quickly. Aya glared down at him as he pulled him closer, tugging him over. Soon Aya had the boy sitting in his lap, his strong arms gentle around his small form. Omi trembled, Omi shook, Omi sobbed. He was so terrified now, to be in the arms of someone he’d only fantasized about.

Moments passed and no one said a word, no sounds filled the room aside from Omi’s choked sobs and the shallow breathing of Aya. Finally though, soft words took place of the silence.::

“ A-Aya..?”

“ Yes..?”

“ Why a-are... you doing this...?”

“ I...”

:: Aya blushed softly as he looked down at the trembling form in his arms, then continued his words.::

“ I don’t.. want to see you crying... anymore..”

:: Omi gasped softly, almost as if he’d forgotten to breath. Aya moved one hand up to brush a few strands of hair from those wide eyes of his partner’s, almost wanting to smile.::

“ A-Aya...”

:: Omi blushed softly at the touch, closing his eyes to just lean into the gentle feeling he thought the cold-hearted one could never express, or would never express to the likes of him. Aya hushed Omi quickly, shaking his head just a bit. Omi had always thought Aya disliked him... for some reason or another... He’d always figured his fantasies were just empty dreams and hopeless wishes. But now, was it possible that Aya was taking the first move?

No.. it had to be a dream.. but at least it was a dream and not a nightmare. Omi smiled softly up at the older man, his pretty eyes half lidded.::

“ Aya... thank you.”

:: Aya blinked his slender eyes softly, a brow arching upwards in confusion, though he knew Omi had good meaning behind that. He didn’t question. He just continued his touch, trailing those soft fingers gently through the soft brown hair. Suddenly he stopped, tugging his hand away as he started to stand, aiming to let Omi just slide off of his lap and onto the bed once more.::

“ I’m sorry. I should just go.”

:: And Omi fell upon the bed, lightly tumbling to his side only to look up from behind messy tresses at Aya, eyes widened once more. He quickly shook his head, one hand reaching out in desperate attempt of catching Aya and pulling him selfishly back to himself.::

“ N-no.. Aya don’t leave me...”

:: Aya stopped in his tracks, thankful that his back was to Omi so he wouldn’t have the slightest chance of seeing the dark crimson blush upon his pale face. He managed to choke out a quiet ‘what’ , but that was all. He couldn’t move, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to. And when he felt someone walking up behind him, and those slim arms wrapping around his stomach, he knew he didn’t want to move.::

“ Aya, I-I need you...”

:: Omi buried his horrible blush against Aya’s back, more of those tears streaming from his firmly shut eyes. Admitting his deepest feelings was... hard. Very hard. He just knew he’d be shrugged off and pushed aside. He could already feel it coming.

But Aya didn’t move. Not for a few minutes it seemed. And even then, he made no effort to get away from Omi. No. He rested his hands against Omi’s, prying them from his waist just a bit in attempt to turn around and face him. Omi grasped tightly to those hands, whimpering as he just knew Aya was going to leave. And to Omi’s surprise, the grasp was returned, but a bit softer. He gasped, looking quickly up to Aya, who was... smiling? It may have been a mirage.. or the light.. or.. anything but a smile, but Omi could tell that Aya wanted to smile. Omi slowly loosened his hands, as did Aya, as he stepped away. Omi didn’t run and cling to him this time. He understood. Slowly he backed up to sit on his bed once more, slowly crawling to rest in his corner again. Aya soon followed. He sat down, right next to him, tugging the covers up over their legs. Aya just sat there... no one moved until Omi latched his arms around one of Aya’s arms, nuzzling his soft cheek to Aya’s broad shoulder. Aya’s face nearly matched his hair at the affection Omi was showing. He cleared his throat, which caused Bombay to look up quickly, fearfully all of a sudden.:: “ Aya...?” “ Shh.. Omi, I don’t want anyone to hurt you again...”

:: Omi smiled a small smile as he nodded, his hair bouncing barely to his movements. Abyssinian’s eyes shot open wide as he soon found Omi leaning up to kiss his lips as if to say thank you. Aya couldn’t move, so Omi leaned up even more, firmly planting his lips against Aya’s.Aya had never shown that kind of attraction to his teammates. But Omi wanted it so badly. Confused, Aya pressed into the kiss. Maybe he was just fulfilling the young one’s dreams, or maybe it was inner feelings. Quickly Omi pulled away.::

“ Goman nasai, Ay---” ::Those words were cut short as lips blocked their path. Aya had leaned down to gently kiss Omi’s lips, just hoping it would shut him up for a bit. Omi however, took it differently. He nearly melted at the touch, leaning hungrily into it, that soft tongue darting from his smooth lips to force into Aya’s mouth. Aya was shocked, to put it simply. But it only took a moment before he realized what was going on. And to Omi’s not so surprise, he pulled back. Omi looked up at him, his bottom lip puffed out in a pout.::

“ Aya?”

“ This is.. wrong.”

“ I don’t care.” “ W.. well... I do.”

:: The words shattered Omi, his little heart broke at the harsh realization that Aya truly was an iced being. Slowly the crimson one stood from the bed and moved to Omi’s doorway, turning around as he heard Omi get up again.::

“ I hate you Aya! Get out of here, bastard...”

:: But Omi was horrible at hating someone he wanted so badly. Instantly those eyes softened from their attempt to be as cold as Aya was acting, and his lithe form slid down against his bed, resting on the floor, his knees pulled to his chest tightly. Aya hated it. He hated how he was acting. He wasn’t supposed to be this horrible. He didn’t want to. So.. why did he? Because he was afraid.::

“ O-Omi...” “ What?!” :: Omi glared up at the man who was standing just a foot in front of him, towering over his cowering body. The bed creaked with the soft vibrations Omi sent to it as he leaned back against it, trembling in anger and fear. Aya knelt down in front of Omi, resting one hand on his own knee, and the other slipping up to take a light hold to Omi’s chin.::

“ Hush.” :: That was all Aya said before he pressed Omi against the side of the mattress, but not with that hand, no, with his lips. He slowly leaned into the kiss, feeling Omi shaking through it, moreso as his tongue dipped out to trace over Omi’s frightened and agape lips. Omi snapped out of it, this was what he’d always wanted. Quickly, Omi leaned into the kiss, his tongue finding Aya’s without problem. His eyes slowly shut, as he slipped into the passion of the moment. Aya closed his as well, and finally pulled out of the kiss, just sitting down in front of Omi, his hand falling from his chin to barely rest against his small chest. Blushing, they were, as they looked at each other in wonderment. Omi finally spoke, though his words were quiet, so very quiet.::

“ Aya... I want you...”

::Omi shied away at the forwardness of his words. He’d be scolded for that, he knew it. But what reached his ears was like heaven. He couldn’t believe it.::

“ Omi... let me.. try... to love you.”

:: Once again, those endless blue puddles filled with tears, overflowing their boundaries. He nodded quickly, throwing his arms around Aya’s neck as he leaned against him, nearly knocking the bigger man over onto the floor. He smiled, and almost instantly began to bathe Aya’s slim neck in kisses, what seemed like hundreds of little kisses. Aya blushed, a faint chuckle passing his lips as he slipped his hands down to Omi’s legs, lifting him into his lap and simply standing once he felt Omi had a grip with them around his waist. Both were blushing madly, moreso when Aya lost his balance and caused the two to topple onto the bed, Aya of course landing firmly on top of Omi’s body. They shared their giggles and chuckles for a moment before Aya pulled up to turn Omi, resting his head upon the pillow, that luxurious brown hair fluffing around his face in an almost alluring way. Aya’s blush was nearly permanent now, or so it felt to him, as he once again laid down on top of Omi, though this time on purpose and not by falling.::

“ Aya.. you taste so good...”

:: Omi’s voice sounded more innocent than ever now at those hot words, those kisses returning to his neck quickly. Each kiss burned, simply fueling the burning passion inside of the man. Aya liked it, he liked it a lot; the affection he was getting from the youth. Aya slowly moved away from the kisses, looking down at Omi who was, again confused.::

“ Aya..?” “ Omi, I’m the one who’s supposed to be trying to soothe you... remember?”

“ Gomen, Aya... Go ahead...”

:: Omi couldn’t hush the giggle that passed his lips as Aya’s lips pressed themselves to Omi’s neck, that slender, pale neck arched down in the connection. His kisses were light, which only caused Omi to laugh more. Finally, Aya pulled up, his bottom lip puffed out in a pout.::

“ What is so funny?”

“ Ohh... Aya you don’t know how to love! Let me show you how.”

:: Aya blushed, it was true, he didn’t know how to love. It was hard for him to ...love... anyone after that incident with his sister. He sighed softly, arching a brow as he looked down upon Omi’s form. What a position to be in. The youth was so slim under his body, and so close at that. Immidiantley, Aya’s blush darkened. Omi grinned cutely as his hips lifted to barely rub to Aya’s stomach. Again, that sweet giggle filled the air.::

“ Now, c’mere...”

:: And obeying, Aya craned his neck down again, just resting his head on Omi’s shoulder aside Omi’s own head. Omi tilted to the side a bit to replace his lips upon that silky neck. Aya was still blushing like crazy when he felt both the kisses and Omi’s younger body rubbing up against him. Gee, Omi sure knew what he was doing. That sorta surprised the tense man. He grunted as he felt Omi grasp his hands and promptly set them upon the lithe little hips.::

“ Aya, loosen up a bit...”

:: Abyssinian chuckled lightly at those words as he completely ‘loosened up’ upon Omi’s body, pressing his full, dead weight onto him, just laying there. Omi grunted and pushed up on him, unintentionally rubbing both their obvious arousals together. Instantly, he froze, tensing worse than Aya before, his eyes wide with fear and a bit of amazement at just how wonderfully .. big Aya was.::

“ Loosen up a bit, Omi...”

:: Those words were welcomed from Aya’s lips as Omi blushed, leaning up to kiss them. Aya was surprised at the feeling to, but he liked it. And if he liked it, he wasn’t going to let it go to waste. He wanted more. This time it was Aya who pushed into the kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into that mouth, to Omi’s surprise. While their tongues danced a messy little dance, Omi’s hands moved to rest on Aya’s lower back, rubbing his hips up a few more times just to make sure he had Aya nice and excited.Aya grunted, his eyes widening for a second before he closed them and concentrated on the kiss, not on Omi’s hands grasping to his rear tightly. Blushing, Aya finally responded to Omi’s begging of sorts as he grinded their hips together a little less than gently. Omi broke the kiss with a cry, his eyes welling up again as if he were going to cry.::

“ A-Aya!”

:: Quickly the crimson let off of him, just looking down at him with bewildered eyes. What did he do wrong this time? Had he hurt Omi? He didn’t want to, he didn’t mean to.. He wanted Omi to stop crying, not cause him to cry more. Slowly he leaned back down, resting his lips just barely against Bombay’s.::

“ I’m sorry.. What did I do?”

:: Omi shook his head, quickly pressing up into the kiss with a blush, as he roughly rubbed up against Aya’s own crotch.::

“ You just surprised me... a little....”

:: His voice was quiet, as he found Aya responding softer this time to the touch. Such a fiery friction was created, both of their barely clad bodies began to build up a fine sweat. Aya was the first to emit a moan, though it was low and probably not heard, though he heard Omi’s soft little groan. How erotic it was, to hear that young boy expressing pleasure to Aya’s actions. He liked that sound much more than those cries. But the next words were startling to him.::

“ A-Aya.. Take me...”

:: He’d come here to comfort the boy, not have sex with him. But everything changed somehow, his whole world felt like it had been turned upside down. He nodded, those long strands of crimson clinging to his barely sweating face, once more he pressed into a kiss. This time though, Omi’s hands stayed at his side, clutching to the twisted and ruffled sheets below him. Aya’s hands were the action ones now, as he pulled away from the kiss to sit up between Omi’s slender thighs. He looked down at Omi, who had to bite down on his knuckle to keep from crying out so loudly when Aya tugged his pants down just enough to reveal his obvious excite in the older man. Aya blushed darkly, his whole body tinted a soft pink it seemed. Then he got up onto his knees and pulled the pants all the way off. While up there, he pulled his own boxers down, then when he couldn’t pull them down any further, he cautiously rested back atop Omi’s body, sliding the pants off eventually. In all the action of trying to get his boxers off, he’d caused many more touches of their hardened bodies. Many more soft moans and groans. Many more reasons that everything was so wrong but it felt so right. Now, with both of their bodies nude, Aya pulled the covers up over them, completely hiding them in the darkness.::

“ Aya... y-your so big...”

:: Omi’s words were shaken. How would his body be able to take such a large member. Sure, when peeking in the bathroom he’d seen Aya, but the circumstances were different now, they were there, together, one on top of the other. Everything felt so incredibly different.::

“ Omi.. I don’t want to hurt you.... “

:: Aya was now afraid that Omi wouldn’t be able to take him. Omi didn’t care anymore. It was so incredibly erotic how their naked bodies felt against each other like that. If Aya didn’t take Omi soon, he’d force it. Bombay began whimpering, soft tears falling down his face as he roughly rubbed their hot erections together. Aya wouldn’t do it.::

“ Omi.. I can’t...” “ W.. why?!” “ I’m not going to hurt you.”

:: Aya slowly sat up, then finally stood. He glanced back at Omi before bending down to grab his boxers. Omi had other plans however. He slid from the bed onto his knees, that little tongue hungrily lashing out to trace Aya’s tight hole. Aya gasped.::

“ I... I want you to hurt me.. if that’s what it takes to get you to love me...” :: Omi was persistent upon getting Aya into his body. But Aya was persistent upon leaving. He quickly pulled on his pajama pants, pushing Omi off of himself. And at that, he began towards the door. Omi darted up, jumping in front of him to slam the door shut.::

“ Aya. Fuck me.”

“ Omi! No..!”

:: Aya had never heard such saucy words from those lips, and how horribly exciting it was to hear Omi say them. But he didn’t want to hurt the young boy, it was illegal and wrong.. just... wrong. Aya didn’t deserve the opportunity to love. Omi thought otherwise though.::

“ Fine...”

:: And it appeared that Omi had given up, soon he disappeared from blocking the door. Aya sighed and reached to the doorknob, slowly turning it. But nothing could have prepared him for this. Quickly, Omi jumped on the opportunity. He tugged Aya’s pants down just enough to quickly position his hard, hungry erection to that tight hole, and then like the virgin he was, shove right up into him. Both faces were crimson. Aya gasped, quickly finding himself leaning close to the wall, it and Omi being the only things keeping him from collapsing.::

“ G-gomen.. Aya... “

:: Omi held him there, soft hands now rough on those manly hips. Aya’s body ripped with pain, soon both of them felt the blood trickling down his thighs, but that didn’t stop Omi. He slowly pulled out of him, only to force back in, over and over, slowly then he began to speed up.Abyssinian closed his eyes tightly, grasping desperately to the smooth surface of the door. Omi had never shown any demanding ways before, but this took the cake. Omi could be heard behind him, grunting and moaning something or another about how incredibly tight Aya was. Aya, unlike Omi, wasn’t a virgin. He’d had a run-in or two with Yoji before, but those things were to be kept secret.::

“ O-Omi...”

:: Even Aya’s voice sounded erotic, as opposed to the hot words spewing from Omi’s lips. Bombay went on about loving how Aya felt, how he was so determined, how he wanted to cum right there inside of him. He blushed darkly, his young body wouldn’t take much to get off. Aya, more experienced, would probably last longer. Hopefully, to Omi’s best interest. Aya arched into the thrusting as it sped up, his body aching from the new, painful feeling. He didn’t want this, he wanted to get to bed, and sleep... but now he was being screwed by someone so much younger than him. If anyone found out it’d be the death of them both.::

“ Aya.. just a little bit more.. “

:: A little lasted a few seconds. Omi cried out in tune with Aya’s own screams, his hot seed darting up into the milky body with a few weak thrusts. Both their forms were sweaty, drenched, dripping with now blood, cum, and sweat. It was such an exotically disgusting ritual they’d gone through. Omi wasn’t done. He pulled out, watching Aya just turn around and slide his back down the door. His body was limp on the floor, but his erection was not. Omi was panting, they both were, but Omi was going down on Aya now. His hot little lips burned a trail down Abyssinian’s stomach, only to land on that long, hard length.::

“ Ohm... Omi.. what’re you...”

:: But before Aya could put up a wall of protest, Omi had taken him into his mouth, and soon down his throat a bit. How did a virgin get so damned good at this? Lets just say Omi had practice on his toys while imagining them to be Aya’s hot body.Soft moans were muffled agianst that erection as it lay hard down his throat, such a long length taken to the base. He blushed darkly, his little tongue despereately running over Aya, little hands moving up to rest on the crimson angel’s thighs. Aya was in pleasured shock. He groaned softly, one hand cautiously setting on Omi’s head, clutching hard to the sweaty brown tresses. He a crimson when he knew he was getting close.::

“ Omi.. I’m n-not going to last... much longer..”

:: It was one thing to have full-grown Yoji upon his body, sucking at him so saucily, but to have young Omi on him, taking posession of his moste prized flesh... That was truely exciting. And as he watched Omi through those half-lidded eyes, taking in the emmense concentration the boy was putting into this, Aya knew he couldn’t last any longer. He was burning for release. And thus, he did, deep into that tight throat with a sharp groan.Omi quickly pulled up in shock. He hadn’t exactly expected that so soon, or so hard at that. He pulled just to the head of that jolting erection, quickly swallowing all he possibly could, but a good amouth pressed past his lips, trailing down his pinkened chin and neck. Omi pulled back, just simply colapsing back onto the plush carpeting of his room. To his surprise, someone was cleaning him off with the touch of thier tongue. He opened his eyes quickly to see Aya, lapping at his neck, slowly making his way to his lips, tasting himself on the young boy’s body. He blushed as he reached lips with Omi, and softly pressed to them, towering over his form. He then lowered to the floor beside him, only to find himself instantly clung to by Omi. Aya grunted a bit.::

“ Ohhh... Aya! You taste so good.. and your so tight... “

“ O-Omi...”

“ Aya... You didn’t get to fuck me...”

“ I.. know...”

:: He didn’t quite want to earlier, but now it was a bit of a let-down. Omi seemed to have enjoyed Aya’s body so much, so maybe Aya would be able to enjoy Omi’s? But now he couldn’t. He was exausted beyond beleif.::

“ Next time you will... Promise?”

:: Next time...? Aya’s eyes widened a bit before they instantly softened with a few kisses to Omi’s messy lips.::

“ I promise.”