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Familiarity is a vice
but this is what it takes–
this is the price for all your walls
And even bricks of gold aren’t free

Some Searching I’d Like to Call Something
Came through the kitchen door
now looking out the window
I can hear the distant echo
and this pale moon waning
isn’t singing anymore

And sometimes the cliff isn’t
quite so high
Its not like I can see the bottom
When I’m standing here on the shore

And clutching clinging holding tightly
White knuckles tell me I’m not so sure
of myself when I’m about to follow
that path–your path–Cause I know
Even the road to retreat
Will lead me back to you.

This is when the only way
To keep from changing is
Static death
and dying means I must stop starving

It takes more than Faith
........–you gotta want to live
And I only want to live for
But leaping takes me there too quickly–
Too swift to feel the Pain