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This is a disclosure for my blog, please read it before you read anything else I've written here. It is here mainly for the people closest to me. (The rest of you fuckers I'm not so worried about :P) The things here are personal to me, and not all of it is easy to share with the people who are(/have been) in my daily life...

"So here's to the resurrecting of an old idea! Haven't made public much of my writing for the past few years. Which is a shame, cause much of it is very interesting... So this is how the story begins and ends--how it will begin and end over and over again... A little girl with a very old heart--and a vein of rebeliousness, too... I speak in the abstract, and always will. That doesn't mean I can't be direct when I need to be. For some of us, the thoughts coming pouring in, not of our own volition--I am my mother's keeper. Don't look for understanding--just listen, and understanding comes to those who let it--you have to surrender, first, though. And I'm quite sure many of you are (as of yet) unwilling to do so. So be it. Maybe another purpose is served here, too. My languages are music and poetry. The two most cryptic forms of communication--and both have been twisted by the patriarchy to be measured, cut, and fitted to a frame; methodical and punctuated.
If you come with a frame, I will break it. You can then choose to be angry at me, for doing so, translating that anger into sarcasm, criticism, mockery, and disrespect. Or you can recognize the frame as inadequate. The choice is up to you.

For years I have kept my thoughts to myself.
My silence has taught me many things. I enjoy and appreciate it. However, someone made me realize that sharing is just as important as that silence. She was a brilliant teacher of mine, Claudia Wright, and she taught me a new definition of family. Family, defined as the people in your life who hear your stories--the stories you tell, as well as those you don't. This blog is about the stories I don't tell. If you cannot agree to love me unconditionally--as family--than do not listen to these stories. If you can, enjoy. I leave the choice up to you--you are accountable for it. "