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My Personal Profile..

This is the part where I have to
tell You All about Me ain't it?
: )

First of all I would like to Thank You
for visiting My site..
I hope You enjoyed My Poems?
(Will be more to come soon)
The Poems are written from the heart.
And from times when I find it a struggle.
I don't know if You could call Me a Poet
Or not.
Because I can only write
when I get the urge to do so.
I have to really feel the moment.
Mainly moments of pain.
And many moments I have like that lately.
I don't know where it comes from either.
I just take a pen and paper
And just write what ever comes into My head
I can't really
sit down and write a Poem about anything.
Not like some very Talented People I know..: )
As You can see by My Poems.
I'm not all that happy at the minute
But I'm sticking with it
And I will survive this storm.
Even if it kills me..
(No pun intended)
Who knows?
One day I may even write a poem about the sun?
But first I know I have to clear the clouds to see it.
It will happen soon I hope..

Here is a bit about Myself and My Family..
(Just incase You are at all interested) *winx*
Ok, here goes..
Well, My name is Natalie.
I'm 32 yrs old.
And from England.
I've been Engaged to My fella for almost 14yrs
( I know You don't get that for murder do You?)
I have 4 Beautiful Children.
Carly Who is 12 going on 20.
She is in high and is doing very well.
*Is very proud of Her*
Then there is Jamie
He is 10
And the only Grandson out of 11 GrandChildren,
Jamie is like Me.
Very Artistic!
He is Forever drawing
And is very good for His age range.
Mummy is also Very Proud of You too!.
Then there is, Laura.
She is 9 and She is Mummies lil Girl!
She loves Her hugs.
She is Very Loving and Caring lil girl.
And our lil Miracle Baby.
(Almost lost Her when She was Born)
But She is a Surviver just like Me!.
Love You Laura!
Last but not Least it's Anna!..
She is 6 and She is a lil munkay!.
(Do You know Bossy Bella from The Tweenies?)
*Points at Anna*
I think she could be Her Identical Twin Sister.
But She is more cuter than Bella..
She Loves Dancing,
Oh and I better mention Gareth Gates!
(One of Her favourite Pop Singers)
We Love you munkay!

Well that is My 4 Beautiful Children!

Heres a bit about the rest of My Family
Then I'll tell You a bit of My Interests.

I've told You
I've been Engaged for almost 14 yrs.
to a Guy Named Paul,
We met from the CB Radio.
When We first met on the CB,
He really got on My tits
And I really didn't like Him much.
(He used to be really Annoying)
But Me being Me I gave Him a chance.
And began talking to Him more and more.
And really got to know Him.
We had been talking for around 2 Months,
And decided to meet and Things went from there.
And now look where We are.
14yrs down the line
with 4 Beautiful Children.
It can't be bad huh?
*Kicks Meself*
Damn CB!.
Just joking.
He's a really great Guy and a Great Daddy!.

A few Things about Me and We are just about done!.
Well, I like to play about with Graphics,
I'm really enjoying building this Site,
I've never tried to make a site before,
didn't think I could do it.
I didn't really have a clue at all, but I kept at it.
Learning by mistakes and here We are.
( Not totally finished yet though and still trying to sus stuff out)

I also love to Sing,
I used to go out every Saturday
down to my local where there was a Karaoke Night.
Now I don't even have leave the house for Karaoke.
I just go into Yahoo chat and sing My lil heart out there.
(It's not quiet the same but at least
I can still do something I love doing when I feel like it)
I like to chat and have a laugh in Yahoo.
(Mostly in the ChatterBox Rooms)
Tease the guys and all that bad stuff.
I'm a good lil Girl..

My Mum had 4 of Us Kids,
*Me the baby of the Family*
I have 2 Brothers and 1 Sister,
We ain't a real close knit Family,
We have all gone Our Own ways
And led Our lives the way we wanted.
And the way it was written for us.
It does sadden Me though,
I would Love for Us All to be close.
Just like Brothers and Sisters should be.
My Mum and Dad
went Their different ways when I was 11.
( Won't go into that story)
Never really see much of my Dad apart from
special events like Christmas,
Would liked to have seen Him more,
but shit happens and then some more.

My Mum is named Mary,
She is a great Mum.
But does have Her faults just like Everyone!
She has been good to Me
And helped My Family and Myself out a lot.
I can always count on Her when I need Her,
And vice versa.
We All Love You Mum!
Warts and All
And Thanks!.
We really do appreciate you!..

If You have fallen asleep?

Wake up!

That really sums Me Aall up!
I hope You enjoyed reading about Me
And feel that You know me a lil more?
(See I do have a sense of Humor too!)
Please feel free to Email Me
about Anything You read on this Site
(Would appreciate some feedback
on what You think of my Poems, site, etc.
My Email Address
is at the bottom of every page
if You haven't already noticed.


Again for visting
And do take care.



Sorry I don't have Any Pic's of My Family and Myself.
I can't get my Scanner to work!