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With a whisper on the wind,
I call to You..
The breeze flowing gently all around..
Can You feel the goose bumps pierce Your skin?
as it touches Your flesh?
Can You feel all the hopes and fears,
of me that once were suround You?
Are You afraid?
of my whispers of all broken promises..
Can You hear those whispers?
I can see the panic in Your eyes.
I can hear it in Your breathe
What is it that scares You so?
why are my whispers so frightening?
Do You feel like You're giving away a part of Your Soul?
For something You do not know?
Can not touch..
Or smell?
Next time You're alone and feel that breeze
Just listen to it carefully
It's only a reminder of something that You already know..


More to come as soon as i get inspired..

so please keep checking back.. :)