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Flickering candles..
shadows on the wall...
My mind starts to wander,
will this be my downfall?

Flickering candles...
shadows on the wall...
My mind drifting further...
as it walks down the hall...
To those nights of *passion*
The heat and desire...
The raging inferno...
That once lite Your fire..

Flickering candles..
flame not so bright...
Shadows on the wall....
disappear in the night..
Loneliness calls..
it's that time i see..
Thoughts drifting back..
to when You held me..

Touching Your lips..
with these thoughts in my head..
Tossing and turning..
right here in Oour bed..
All alone,
and wanting You near..
The lights going out...
the darkness i fear...

Candles not flickering..
the darkness surrounds..
Midnight draws in..
the silence so loud...
My eyes become heavy, now..
falling asleep..
Hoping and praying..
that there I will meet.. The One that I long for..
and held me so tight..
The Soul that carressed me..
with illuminant light...