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Big Sur is this magnificant stretch of wilderness,
beach between San Luis
Obispo and Carmel on the central California coast.
I often refer to it as
"the cathedral in which I worship."


"If the soul were to choose an arena
in which to stage its agonies,
this [Big Sur] would be the place for it.
One feels exposed,
only to
the elements,
but to the sight of God.
Naked, vulnerable,
set against an overwhelming
of might and majesty,
one's problems
become magnified
of the proscenium on which the conflict is staged."
--- Henry Miller

Gazing outalong the roll of the Pacific rim,
the undulating kelp beds,
wantonly carass sea-slickened granite,
Sur's blunt headlands,
western milieu's end-stop,
reawakens the reposed,
full-bodied in her beauty beckons
temptuous in earthy embrace.
The blaze of the sun,
the passion of her breath,
the sounds of her heart pounding at sea
wreathe my naked flesh.

Here on this unsullied Pacific proscenium
the dark beat of being and blood
craves only the carnality of mate flight,
the conjunction of embodied archetypal spirits.

Exposed, lies the endless shoreline,
summer's sun,
simmers the morning's mystifying shroud,
as unveiled,
soft light edges across a fathomless sea.
Quiet tide pools,
still calm lagoons,
rock gently in their clutches of stone.

Within a distant forest's rigidity
water's braided beauty bathes the land,
its slick rocks shed,
its loins gush,
the supple,
sinewy creeks shimmer timelessly,
sea bound.

the quiet hawk soars,
the stalking shoreline gulls screech.
golden peddles endlessly unfold.
"bright flirts of the sun,"
awaiting the impregnator's sting. Beyond,
the unyielding cypress
the gathering surf,
sea's relentless journey east,
clawing its way up the open beach,
its spermlike stain remains.

Here nature's eroticism,
her elemental needs,
her savagery of love,
her eluctable holiness,
pervades my being,
animates my imagination,
and now low wind crouching on this rocky crest,
isolates me on dolor's cusp.

off over the silver-ribboned seacoast-
hugging clouds range across afternoon's sky,
lasciviously transfigured,
shaped in shadow and sunset's soon fiery light.

Fantasy soon mutates reality,
sun-splashed bodies unite,
untamed flames of lust transcend,
slaked only by the murmur of love.

Earth goddess,
your golden rollin' hills
your spun pastoral beauty your bathing gaze,
your cleansing breath seductively you beckon.

Pooling dark,
unrelenting timeless pacific tides,
passion yet unspent,
burning anew in the unbridled fury of lust.

timelessly in this earthly nave,
the raw puissance,
the exquisitely sensual,
nature's omnipotence,
one God's excesses remain clinched,
consumated in holy communion.

Alive in the kept luster of passion,
Your earthly body gushs.
Wind tossed hair,
the knowing eyes,
the lyric mouth,
the slow curve of the finely-hewed bosom,
the sucked belly,
the shuddering loins,
all sheathed in silken radiance
bespeaks only beauty,
eros's archetype --- no less.

in afternoon's solar haze,
the close-in sea's heaving,
restless spray,
sensually mirrors the yielding body's musky glow.

as splashed fire bathes the wanton flesh,
like the ominous curl and crash of nearby waves,
its licentious surge explores
every crevice,
every fault,
every surface.
Epochs hesitate,
the earth stills,
sound pales.

Somatic in engagement,
nerve ends aroused,
each lost in the salacious maw,
as hands hover and play,
skin to skin the searing crescendo enamors.

not time's insistence,
nor carnality's voraciousness,
will ever quench the unstilled sexual verdure.

Lapping at the labial fount,
supping the body's sweet lava,
all actuality consummated in the total female clutch,
timeless in mouth-to-mouth,
genital to genital covergence,
the blunt maleflesh congeals.

Primal headlands savored,
one's senses swoon to the splendor,
the swell, the sensuality,
the supremacy of Sur's awesome feminine sweep.

seductive rhythms of the sea resonate,
by and by lubriciously inflaming
strong-standing flesh,
the well-lapped labial cleft.
even as the sea's ninth wave,
the innominate phallus splits the clenched cunt.
Welling from the watery deep,
Compounding in speed and sound,
wave upon wave gathers and contracts,
in cadence with the universe's claim,
its curl,
its crest feathering with foam.
Timing the joy of the thrust,
the bed of her body,
the clinch of her flesh,
the twining and untwining of pelvic splendor,
tests and tries the terror of the pace.

As her sounds,
her wants are felt from within,
as male hunger is subsumed in labial embracement,
as the phallos seeks the womb nerve's kiss,
in orgasmic release's shared rapture,
yet suddenly,
all afternoon's reverie is shattered.

nature thunders its denunication denying the denouement,
the last clasp of lust's fury.

crashing the air is electric.
Squalls of frustration and sequestration pour forth,
denied in one's elemental need,
yet drunk with earthy desire.
Now passing like ghosts of past windjammers
the brigandish storm disappears north
as the last golden vestiges of day's
fleck the hooded sky.
back lit the unrelenting surf struts,
the sea's tonality measuring its each wave.

Unsatiated in the gloam of the equinoctial hour,
returning inward to the inconsequential,
the mundane,
the perception,
the transparency,
outlander though I may be,
yet vowing,
trusting upon these headlands,
along this shore,
under this sky the bodies' gust,
the coupling of spirits,
all desire shall bond in time,
and shall find lust in love's all-consuming fire.

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