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Well my new friend this is something new.
It all sounds good i hope to never fall blue.
So as we walk along this new path.
In the direction we have chosen.
As i contemplate our talks whilst in the bath.
For now i hope that time doesnt become frozen,
Even though time goes past.
Before we are allowed to.
be together at last It certainly woul be a crime,
but the waiting is makin that much more prime.

When the time is right we will,
No longer have to say good nite.
But for the moment now,
I am happy just to have you in my sight.
It seems rather odd that we just met.
Even though we haven't done much yet.
I am interested in you in everyway.
I'll be happy just to hear you say stay.
It seems that we are closely matched.
They say that likin someone is good.
I hope to always keep you in a good mood
We may live a ways apart,
I'm likin the feelins in ma heart.
The distance between us is ok and fine.
Whilst bein with you i'll never cross the line.
As i look upon ma life and plead.
I feel full of life indeed.
For a glimpse of you in the still of time.
I would for sure head up thon long line.

I shall bring this message of friendship to an end.
And all yer worries, troubles an strifes i'll mend
To be given the chance to get to know you.
I will always walk at yer side an no feel blue.
You give me something to look forward to.
Because of the little things ye say an do
I would like to think what we have started will last,
And grow stronger with each day that goes past.
i pray an hope to never cause you offense.
as to do so i'd lower my heed in sad defense...

This poem was Written by Scorpio.
A friend i met from Yahoo chatrooms.

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