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Godís Euphoria

Just once more,
I promise,
Just once,
I gasp,
I close my eyes and breathe deep,
Rivers of sweat trickle down my face,
This is the last time I tell myself,
Even though I said that last time,
I just want to feel it once more,
I donít need it but I want it,
Iím in control of this I say,
I can handle myself and my habits,
Iíll stop after this,
I just want one more,
These are the words,
They repeat in my mind,
They consume me,
They control me,
I breathe deep again,
I know the words arenít true,
But I cling to them,
I wish they were true,
I hope that by some miracle they will be,
The tube is tight around my arm now,
The veins poke out above the surface,
The sores from past uses are weeping,
I aim the needle down towards a vein,
Itís like the touch of god,
It will take away all my pain,
I swallow and push it in quickly,
I pull back the plunger slightly,
The blood spurts back into the syringe,
A crimson fountain in my hand,
In gods hand,
Because thatís who I am now,
Thatís how I feel now,
I push the plunger down hard,
Godís job is done,
Iím going to visit heaven now,
The rush hits hard,
This batch is really good,
Somewhere deep down I make a vow,
A vow to do this again,
Iím hooked now,
There is no escape,
But for now Iím gone,
Gone away,
To another place,
My place,


Written By Skaface of ThePork