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These are some "Quotes"
I have found on other sites around the net..
Some may really hit home..
Who knows?
And some may make You want to think about..
how You go about things in Your own life..
I'll shut up and let You see for Yourself..

As Always..

Please Enjoy!

A Rose's Tears
When a rose's tears may shed
they almost seem internal.
They go on and on until they finally love.
They will cry until they have someone.
They will cry,
they will sob
but they will always hold grace,
and peace.


- George Sand -


I Miss You
if i lived through tomorow,
you wouldnt care about how much i love you
if i die tomorow,
you would feel bad about how much i love you
if i die today,
you would neva know how much i love you


To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

- David Viscott -


When you love someone,
all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

- Elizabeth Bowen -


Marriage is not a ritual or an end.
It is a long, intricate,
intimate dance together
and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance
and your choice of partner.

- Amy Bloom -


We all want to fall in love.
Because that experience makes us feel completely alive.
Where every sense is heightened,
every emotion is magnified,
our everyday reality is shattered
and we are flying into the heavens.
It may only last a moment,
an hour,
an afternoon.
But that doesn't diminish its value.
Because we are left with memories
that we treasure for the rest of our lives.

- From the movie "The Mirror Has Two Faces" -
(starring Barbara Streisand)


You will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love.
- A.Terance Dinesh -


You never lose from loving, You lose from holding back


There are two tragedies in life.
One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it.


The heart's affections are divided,
Like the branches of the cedar tree;
If the tree loses one strong branch;
It will suffer but it does not die;
It will pour all its vitality,
Into the next branch
So that it will grow
And fill the empty place.


Love is an attempt to change
a piece Of the dream world into reality.


Yesterday, I stood at the temple door
interrogating the passersby
about the mystery and merit of Love.

And before me passed an old man
with an emaciated and melancholy face,
who sighed and said:"
Love is a natural weakness
bestowed upon us by the first man."

But a virile youth retorted:
" Love joins our present with the past and the future."

Then a woman with a tragic face sighed and said.
"Love is a deadly poison injected by black vipers,
that crawl from the caves of hell.
The poison seems fresh as dew
and the thirsty soul eagerly drinks it;
but after the first intoxication,
the drinker sickens and dies a slow death."

Then a beautiful, rosy cheeked damsel smilingly said:
" love is wine served by the brides of Dawn
which strengthens strong souls
and enables them to ascend to the stars."

After her a blackrobed, bearded man, frowning, said:
"Love is the blind ignorance with which youth begins and ends".

Another, smiling, declared:
"Love is a divine knowledge
that enables men to see as much as the Gods."

Then said a blind man,
feeling his way with a cane:
" Love is a blinding mist
that keeps the soul from discerning the secret of existence,
so that the heart sees only
trembling phantoms of desire among the hills,
and hears only echoes of cries from voiceless valleys."

And a feeble ancient,
dragging his feet like two rags, said,in quavering tones:
" Love is the rest of the body in the quiet of the grave,
the tranquility of the soul in the depth of Eternity".

And a five-year-old child, after him, said laughing:
" Love is my father and mother,
and no one knows love save my father and mother."

And so,
all passed spoke of Love as the image of their hopes
and frustrations,
leaving it a mystery just as before.


We cannot all do great things.
But we can do small things with great love.


Pleasure of love lasts but a moment,
Pain of love lasts a lifetime.


Do you want me to tell you something
really subversive?

Love is everything it's cracked up to be.
That's why people are so cynical about it.
It really is worth fighting for,
Being brave for,
Risking everything for.

And the trouble is,
If you don't risk anything,
You risk even more.


I didn't know what hate felt like,
Not the hate that comes after love.

It's huge and desperate
And it longs to be proved wrong.
And every day it's proved right
It grows a little more monstrous.

If the love was passion,
Then hate will be obsession.


I sought for Love
But Love ran away from me.
I sought my Soul
But my Soul I couldn't see.
Then I sought You,
And I found all three.


desire Sets your heart on fire
Tender, soft emotion
Undying devotion
Love is eternal
Not only nocturnal
Tranquillity and passion
Baby its smashin'
From your very start
Loves forever in your heart


Once in a while,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.


For we lose not only by death,
But also by leaving and being left,
By changing and letting go and moving on.


Every night I imagine touching your face,
but nothing is there except empty space.
My dreams are filled
with visions of eternal bliss,
sealed by your tender and heavenly kiss.
I awake from my dreams,
yearning to hold you near,
searching but not finding
bringing me to tears.
I lie there thinking about how you showed me love,
making me wonder if you were
sent from heaven above.
I fall asleep knowing that
you are in my mind and my heart,
for love is eternal
and we will always be..


If there's one spark of hope
Left in my glass,
I'm holding it with both hands
It's worth the risk of burning
To have a second chance


I did not live until today
How can I live when we are parted?
Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
And yet with you my world has started.


a roller coaster ride of of ups and downs.
One moment, basking in love...
The next moment feeling panic and terror.
Needing, yet fearing my needs...
Wanting so bad yet afraid to take...
Doubts creep inside my mind.
Is this real? Am I sane?
So much power flows in these feelings...
I shake in fear.
Torrents of love followed by
A crash of self-doubt...
I cry.
Am I sane?
Is this real?
Desire... strong,
Leads me back each time...
Then the ride starts all over again...
A roller coaster ride...of ups and downs..
Into the funnel...
I am falling...down and down..