Treading on Unsteady Feet

I never knew i could lose it all in just one fateful day

I believed it was taken from me when I actually threw it away

I've done my best to spread teh ash and build a new life

But always my past haunts me, with footsteps shrouded in strife

The man i thought took it all away and replaced it with misery

looking deeper and beyond lurking in his shadow, i se me

Just when I thought I could feel nothing, I'm jolted by my pain

It courses throughout my entire body, through my every grain.

I know now my time is growing short, but I'm not even close to the end

And when the full wave hits me, I know i'll buckle and bend

My sould will be shattered and what sanity i possess will snap

Not only can I see it, but I continue to set my trapp> I know the only way to my redemption is I must burn

So I'll step in line and prepare to take my turn

For now I'll continue to tread on unsteady feet

Until the time when fate decides taht destiny and I shall meet.

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