Mission 1: You are sent up to an airship called Cygnus, walk around and talk to a girl she's the one that saved you. She will tell you about Alkaiser, from there go to the ships control room talk with the captian and he'll send you on your first mission. Baccarat a gambling casino, go through the casino and talk to the guys in black. After they run away take elevator down (choose the second to the last option) you will end up in a parking lot. Fight the enemies and then the Boss that should end your first mission. Mission 2: At Shrike. Walk around and fight the enemies if you want, find a room with books (kind of like a library) and search for a secret passageway. search around until you find a room where you can obtain an extra party member, now head into town. Go around and find a kid walking around talk with him and you'll fight a boss this should end your second mission. Mission 3: At Manhattan. You can buy supplies, weapons, and armor here if you want afterwards go to the airport and you will be brought back into Cygnus. Here find and talk with Lady Campbell, now fight all the enemies about the ship and Lady Campbell will join your party. From here you can search the ship for four more characters Ruffus, Asellus, BJ&K, and some other character I forgot her name. Go to the second floor and choose the first choice, run through this way and fight a boss this should end your third mission. Mission 4: At Kowloon. Search around until you find a robot fight him and chase after the guy that runs away. Keep on chasing the guy and you'll end up back in Cynus this should end your fourth mission. Mission 5: At Kyo. Search Doctor Klein's base and you'll end up fighting a boss after this you should be back at the airport, end of fifth mission. Mission 6: At Magic Kingdom. You will be entered in a fighting contest where you'll go up against 5 opponents, beat them if you can (I didn't) anyway, after the battle chase after Doctor Klein. Find your way through the place until you get to a room with bald soldiers, fight them and touch one of the vases in the room to reveal a secret passageway. Just go with the flow and you'll end up in a room with the boss, beat him and that should end your sixth mission. Mission 7: At Cygnus. Talk to hawk and you will end up in the enemy ship, go to the 3rd floor and talk to the guy. you will end up fighting a boss defeat him and you will now have to fight three bosses!!! (I suggest you gain some levels before doing this) defeat the bosses and you will face the final boss!
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