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I hate myself, i've caused too much pain

My worst nightmare was to see you scared

My soul is now clouded by rain

it's my fault for leaving my emotion bared

I don't deserve you, i want to fade away

I'm causing my own mind to break

it seems you're keeping me at bay

Pushing me back with a tsunami's powerful wake

I tried too hard, that is plain

By pulling you close, i pushed you back

It's a mistake i fully claim

Is there any way to get back on track?

you're out of my league, but i had to try

There's little time left, it's myself i kill

Every day without you, i feel myself die

But i continue to bend to your will.

I know i'm not worth your time

But i'm being taught, i'm trying to learn

I have on my soul a deep layer of grime

It seems to be purified, first i must burn