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I feel lost and confused

So twisted and bruised

Sleep brings me nightmares of this

I want you, it's true

There's nothing i can do

I wish it wasn't me you dismissed

Please don't hate me, or be afraid

Because of the things i have said

It's not the reason for my admittance

So please don't stress

I'm trying not to make a mess

I've already acknowledged your acquittance

I just wish to be near

Because i hold you so dear

You were my personal angel

I hope this doesn't become corrupt

because of my announcement is so abrupt

I don't want us in that tangle

I just want to know what you think

It's a chalice from which i wish to drink

Please, don't let this grow cold

Will you speak to me

Destroy me, or let this be?

I'm sorry if i'm growing too bold.