Kill it all

Is it possible to feel nothing at all?

To be totally protected by an impregnable wall?

It depends on how much damage you can take,

and how much destruction is left in it's wake

the best painkiller is to kill yourself from within,

To kill your humanity, to give in to sin

don't hang on, let go of your emotion

feelings of love, hate, and grief are a human notion

I've embraced the darkness, let go of my grief

I know I'm destined for hell, and i don't want reprief

Your sanity will never again be stolen

No more painful thoughts leaving your head swollen

your mind and perception will be forever shattered

you lose a little when you feel nothing, but they become nothing al all

things like love, joy, hapiness, and of course, your soul

You'll be forever hollow, never able to be complete, to be one

But everything, both good and bad, will be forever gone.

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