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I knew from the beginning i wouldn't succeed

But you just tore my heart out, forced me to watch it bleed

I just lost my soul, and so my life

There is now nothing left but my strife

I always knew I wasn't good enough for you

And it seems it was my only chance i blew

I have been overwhelmed by the swell

Sent spiralling down into the pits of hell

There is no true way to fully explain

The full extent reached by my pain

I have had thoughts of suicide

But i realize i have already died

It's too late to get back on track

My body's been broken on the rack

Too many times you've cut me too deep

Pain, grief, and anger is all there is left to keep

Anger for what i realize I stand to lose

Losing myself in a wave of booze

Pain for all the anguish i cause

A wound that will fester if not wrapped with gauze

Grief for that is now all i feel

For i lost the only thing that even seemed real

There's nothing left but to lay on my bed

And wish to a corrupt god that i was dead