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My Poems
Saturday, 15 October 2005
Another Lonely Night
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: my heart will go on

Another Lonley Night.....
Liying in my bed under the blue sky..
thoughts r filling my head and sleep avoiding my eye..
between the stars I see u, somewhere there..
I hear your voice, slowly penetrating the cold air

It feels like a dream when life for once on our side..
We hoplessly try to wake, deny it and then hide..
Is it our fault or is it caused by the days..
who endlessly hurt us in many ways..
Is what I feel an ilussion, or is it fear..
Cuz I been hurt be4 and don't wanna waste my tears..

R u for real, could us exist?
can we be togather and forget the rest..
live our dreams and fly in happiness
touch the sky, and break our sadness.

I hope days r through with me,
and saved u as the best to be
my savior and who will pull me out of the sea

I am wating to hold u when u down
dance with u and make u happy all the time..
Maybe I better wait and not spoil my dream,
in case reality strikes me again, this time I can't take the pain..
I will always pray u will come my way,
cauz we can only do it togather and then nothing will keep us away..
Mohamed Ali El-Ghamry

Posted by poetry/mohamed_elghamry at 1:49 AM EEST
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