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Miles' kick-face site website is not to....decorated yet....but thats cause its new and I'm still working on it! Well....I'm Miles, I reluctantly attend FSC....theres a few good people there.....and like 1 or 2 hot girls.....sad really. I play basketball..I'm ok...and baseball..I'd like to think I'm good at it. I mostly like mellow rock...though depending on the song, it may vary. Hopefully soon I'll have some images up and other things to further decorate it....and one more thing......And on my poem site...all but paradox are mine...and I have more personals but those are the ones that are online. This is for the bourbons and the cadillacs, with the 10s and the 12's bumpin in the back, this is for the playas, hustlas, pimps and macks, with the benz makin ends I mean paper stacks. This is for the burbans and the cadillacs with the tens and the twelves bumpin in the back. This is for the players smokin doolamac, Slappin skins, makin dividends and ridin strapped. And a shout out to julio, who taught me what I know about making this site....and to the crew I bump down rogers with: Tyler, John, Justin, Hal, and Donald...and sometimes Wheels....keepin it real playas. oh yeah....and asian.....but your not that yeah...Sayin whats up to my girl jorden, i love you!!! and to my boy carter, keep it real kid, you know i always got your back! Well...I'm turnin 16 in a fwe days....October its close...and Im gonna be pimpin rogers in a limo that night....

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My Favorite Web Sites

awesome comics!
some pretty cool games
a really awesome site, go here!! lets you look for some pretty cool stuff...
has some of my poems, for name....last: crawford first: miles