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In Loving Memory of
Hunter James Kirkland
October 31, 1997 - October 12, 2005

This image is a loving gift to Hunter's family from my dear friend Linda.

The Cowboy's Not Home

The saddle is empty where the cowboy once sat
His best friend still waits wondering where he's at
No more trails to ride together
No more sounds from the saddle's leather

The cowboy has ridden his last ride
Into the sunset to the valley on the other side
The ranch is not as it was before
No longer does the cowboy come out the door

The cowboy's horse watches for the cowboy each day
Wonders why he no longer brings hay
The horse and the cowboy's dog knows somethings wrong
For they never hear their master singing his songs

The cowboy has ridden his last ride
Into the sunset to a valley on the other side
The ranch is not as it was before
No longer does the cowboy come out the door

Sometimes at night floating upon the wind
The cowboy visits his horse and his best friend
I'm cowboying for God now on the big ranch in the sky
It's where all cowboys go when they must die

The cowboy has ridden his last ride
Into the sunset to the valley on the other side
The ranch is not as it was before
No longer does the cowboy come out the door

Written by Doyle Alldredge
14 September 2007

Where Has The Cowboy Gone

Where has the cowboy gone
I saw him just a while ago
Sitting upon his strawberry roam
I'm left here all alone to tend the cattle
In the coolness of this night
Did the cowboy lose his battle?
Did he give up the fight?
I feel the master has called him
To wrangle on the range in the sky
Called away so fast
The cowboy had no time to say goodbye
Adios my friend where ever you may be
As you roam the range in heaven's land
Take time sometimes, put in a good word for me
Tell the master if he needs another good cowpoke
To call upon me

By Doyle Alldredge
12 October 2007

I love my cowboy to the moon and back
And back again
Knowing you are in Heaven alive
And knowing that I will reunite With you soon,
is one Of my deepest treasures
I love you Hunter
Cowboy up and kick some dirt
For Mama and Daddy
Ride the bulls to the rainbows
Love, Mom

Waiting For The Dust

  Each afternoon I gaze down the road
Waiting for the dust trail
Bringing you home to me
I watch and wait
Time has passed
Deep within my heart, I know it will never be
Some say Iím wasting time
As daily I search the road
They never knowing just what that I can see
I wait, I watch
I often see the memories that bring you home to me
No! My time is not wasted
As daily I search for you
The memories brings us once more together
I can feel your nearness
With each memory I recall
Oh yes, the road still brings you to me
Though I never will again see the dust
I know that you will come
It is not the dust but the road
Which brings you home to me
Written by Coleman Doyle Alldredge, 2005

This is the story of my precious little boy, Hunter James Kirkland,(Hunter Bunner). Hunter was born on October 31,1997,
I WAS NOT GOING TO HAVE A Halloween baby, but Hunter saw it different.
At 7:02 Thursday Morning, Hunter was born.

Hunter, one day old.

He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I had already had two other children, both of them at adult age. You see
when I turned 40 years old, I got really sick and went to the Doctor after a few tests he came in
and said congratulations, you are a new mom! I said oh no I canít be, I am 40 years old, I cant be having a baby?
But I was and I DID.

Hunter, one day old & hungry!!!

During my third ultrasound, the Doctor came in a sat down beside me, he said well we have some problems, I asked what do you mean?
He said Hunter's right arm is missing the Radius bone, and is going to be shorter than the left. I said oh is that all,
I can deal with that no problem, he said no, Hunter also has a curve in his spine. He couldnít tell me how bad
it was at the time, but he said he would need surgery as he gets older, also Hunter was born with a hole in his heart(ASD) defect,
and he was missing his right kidney! I felt really drained or just a complete zombie when I left the office, I prayed all the way home,
asking God for guidance and to help my baby be okay.

My pregnancy went well the 9 months, just back and forth to doctors, extra ultrasounds, other testing, and so on.
Then on October 29, I went into the hospital to deliver, the time was very long but going okay, I was in labor
until the next morning and at 7:02 Hunter was born and on Halloween Day. His Aunt Bren Bren went back into surgery with me,
his Dad and our other two children had went home to bathe and be right back, but Hunter wouldnít wait any longer.
When I looked at him laying on my stomach I thought how much perfect could he be, so he was born with a short arm,
and all the other problems, but to me he was perfect.

On the left, Hunter at 2-1/2 months old. On the right, Hunter, 3-1/2 months old.

Us camping at Chickasaw State Park, Hunter was 7 months old here.

Hunter loved our dog, Blue.

Hunter never let anything stand in his way of doing what he wanted to do. He had a lot of Physical and occupational therapy,
and always surprised his teachers how well he did with everything.

Hunter's first Christmas.

Hunter would put his Daddy's boots on and try to walk in them...

When Hunter was 1 year and a few months old we carried him to Shriners Hospital in ST. Louis, Mo.
There he had his first surgery of many scheduled. He had his first surgery on his arm, he was born with it turned inward
and with a little floppy thumb on it. The doctors straightened his hand out, and the next surgery was they took his index finger
and made him a thumb, so Hunter had a thumb and 3 fingers, again nothing stood in his way, it may have taken him longer
to do something but he would always give it a shot!!!!!

Mom and Hunter, 2nd Halloween.

Hunter telling his Daddy how to ride.


Hunter at 2 years old, "Our Cowboy Forever"

Hunter's first bullriding, at Jackson Fair Grounds Rodeo, May 21, 1999.

Hunter on his first stick horse, at 2 years old.

Hunter again at 2 years old. If he couldn't ride a horse,
he would ride our dog, Blue.

Bubba, Sissy and Hunter. He was always riding someone's back or something.

Hunter loved his rocking horse, he named him "Turbo."

Hunter loved to play in the mud. He is 3 years old here.

Hunter grew up and went on with his daily life, and when he was 3 years old, he had to have surgery on his one kidney,
he had severe kidney reflux, again he was a trooper through that.

Hunter and his cousins Ally and Libby.

Hunter always found something to ride, like it was a horse or a bull.

His first pony ride at the Shriners Circus.

Then when Hunter turned 4 years old the doctors were checking his back out and his spine had begun to curve,
so they decided to just watch it, and he had a MRI done every 6 months then at age 6 we went back to St. Louis
he had his MRI done and also we were sent to his heart doctors to have things check out. When we went back and talked to his doctors
they told me his heart was fine, the hole had resolved on its own but his spine was curved at 50% now
and had to have surgery before the curve got too bad and caused problems with his lungs, ribs and so forth.

Hunter on his first rocking horse. He rode it til it broke down!

He was always shooting at Indians!

So all the paper work was being worked up and they called us back and had his surgery due for October 3, 2005,
28 days before his 8th Birthday. This is really strange, the Saturday before, we went up to St. Louis for his surgery,
we had a singing and supper at our church, Hunter cling to me all night, he had a little friend girl there that him and her
were on the porch of the church talking little did I know what they were talking about, but later I found out that Hunter was witnessing to her
and was questioning her about her faith to God!! Well that night he got up in front of Everyone and sang AMAZING GRACE,
oh God how I wished I knew he was going to do that so I could have recorded it.

Hunter's 6th birthday. He always had his classmates at his party, and his Aunt Faye
would always dress up for the occasion.

Well we went to the hospital on October 2, and on October 3rd. He had the surgery. He was in surgery about 7 to almost 8 hours,
they called us and he was doing fine, we could see him about 1 hour, they called us back and he looked really bad,
swollen and not responding, they said the swelling was normal, but they werenít sure what has cause his breathing to get really shallow, he kept getting worse,
so they transported us to Children's Hospital in St. Louis. There we stayed overnight and his breathing was a little better. We went back to Shriners,
there we stayed in the recovery room for 2 more days, they moved us up into a room. Hunter was still not waking up,
he would open his eyes for a little bit, then shut them right back. On Saturday, I got him awake for a little while,
I would bathe him, brush his teeth, changed his clothes, and even got him out of bed and had him to walk around the nurses desk,
he told me he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Oh, God how I wished I kept him walking
and talking, he may still be here with me.

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Dear Linda and ANGEL Hunter

Day by Day keep going by
But you are always still with me
In my Thoughts, my Heart
Where else would you be?

I have not left you, Mom, either
I am just away for a while
Until we are together again
It is then we will laugh and smile

When you hear a horse
It could be me galloping across the HEAVEN'S
Look up
I want to see you wave at me
I will take my hat off to you
My horse will stand on its hind legs
Just like it use to be

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

My Angel Son Michael.

The Cowboy

The cowboy rode into town
His looks caught every eye
He was quick to get attention
He was the sharpest cowboy in town

The cowboy settled in with us
Everyone admired him
He turned the eyes of ladies
The men enjoyed being with him

After a few years everyone knew the cowboy
So loved by the folks around
Then one day it happened
The cowboy had left town

Somewhere toward the setting sun
The cowboy took his last ride
Many a heart was left saddened
The cowboy you see....was our son

By Doyle Alldredge, 4 January 2007
In memory of Hunter James Kirkland ~ The Cowboy

If you would like to have Hunter's banner, which is below, for your web page
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We belong to an organization called THIS HORSE IS SILENT; it is an organization that helps families in need with ill children.
Hunter was the poster child for 4 years until he passed away. This organization steps in and helps families when their child or children are in the hospital
for a long period and for treatments or whatever they need. We step in and help pay their car notes, house notes,
electric bills, phone bills, and even buy groceries for them. However, this organization only helps families that are horse-related people; they have to have horses...
They helped us out so much when I had to be off work so much with Hunter, and now we have stayed on board
and now are helping the other families. Please click on their logo below to visit their site.

For little angel Hunter
May your joy be forever with the Lord
Ann, Laurasmom


I wanted to get your Thanksgiving gift out early for those of you that are making Thanksgiving pages....Thank the Lord I got mine finished
last month....I hope your all doing well and thanks for being a part of my and light

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This is a wonderful gift from GEOFFREY P. EDWARDS

In Loving Memory Of Lee Henry Aguilera

I LOVE this Halloween gift so much and want to share it with you all, please add to your Halloween sites
if you have one, gratis my friend Patti!
Love, cindyjo

Michelle Marie Greever

A Very Special Remembrance


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