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Asche a lethargic college student, slugging through school at baseline passing. She studies english, archeology, and social sciences though she doesn't know why (because she has a great distaste for anything human).
She has a strange obsession over illusional characters and fantastical worlds, with a taste for mythology. She was once a "myth" herself, according to her "Bum", who claimed "Girls who play games are a myth. They don't exist." So as an avid gaming girl, she was a mythical beast.
Then she stumbled across writing, another thing for her to fail miserably at, and so here she is, with eight webpages and a bunch of unfinished fiction rotting on her harddrive. If you want to get in touch with Ms. Lorenz, you can either;
e-mail her,
ICQ her: 15600254
or YIM her: the_pissy_one

You can also visit one of her many webpages if you feel the need.
AssLove: A Clique
Broken Quills : Home Base-everything
Mensucht : She-Woman-Man-Haters Online Hub Nirvana : Microfiction
Skeptical Realism : Poetry

It's Oh, So, Quiet : Full-Version
Onna No Baka : Omitted Version
Pastel Moonbeams