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.an angry blog for an angry girl.

09-12-2001 11:18am Footsies

I built another. this is what? The fifth in the last week and a half? I'm extremely addicted. this is my fourth blog, technically my sixth if you count the two that I'm compiling the poetry and short stories on. One of the blogs I actually use, and I might stop using it if I can manage to get this blog or my blue one working through my own means, but unfortunatly I think that has the skills that I lack. I got really downhearted trying to get the image rollovers working last night. I've been trying to get them working for years. They're a simple javascript. I *should* be able to get them without problems. I finally got it. I think I could do it again, but I don't think I ever will. FUCK IMAGE ROLLOVERS. I need to get into advanced html shtml, dhtml, and css and java script. My talents my have been talent-full four years ago but now-a-days they're shit and I need to cope with that fact.
I've been fucking with frames and Java lately, two of the things I hate most. I am finding a fondness for frames nowadays however, now that I have a computer that can *support* them. My old computer had 640-400 or whatever that setting is, and I fought desperately with frames. Now I have a very nice, 700somethingorother megaherz processor, 17" monitor and a 1284-1024 setting. I'm starting to find an affinity for 800x600 however because it seems the majority of my framed websites look best in it. I'm constantly resizing my browser windows. (though I prefer them small) and then I test to see how it looks. none of this matters to you, but none of you know where this website is so it's really not my problem. I am always talking to an invisible audience and I prefer it that way.

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