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{{UPDATE STATUS 06.2004: this page hasn't been updated since at least last year, due to school taking up all of my time. however, i will make a note here if i do update - feel free to check back!}}


shell's stories

here you'll find all my fanfic from my various and sundry fandoms. it's essentially all slash.
(what is slash? you may be asking. slash, in brief, is a type of fanfiction that involves romantic and/or sexual relationships between characters of the same gender.)
the astute observer will note that it is more or less all f/f slash, too. this is because...
i'm a femmeslasher on a mission. ^_^ i feel femmeslash is sadly underrepresented in the world of fanfic, and i strive to redress that. i also have a weakness for threesome/polyamorous fic, btw.
and the fandoms are: (drumroll!)

harry potter:
happy together
dearest friends
bittersweet (WIP)

awakening from the dream

the bible:
the time of barley harvest


my first guest author, Rebecca Greenleaf, presents

Frodo's Dream


other places you can find me:
if this link doesn't work, head to's main page and search for ""
due to's recent decision not to host NC-17 fics, i am in the process of moving my ff.n stories over to fd.n, where i am known as " shell."

Into Raspberry Swirl
a harry potter femmeslash site. formerly pink, currently very b&w. my HP f/f can be found there.

the smallville slash archive
extremely green, this site hosts a few f/f stories, including my own "weirdness."

small town girls
the archive for smallville femmeslash. "weirdness" is here as well.